Friday, October 03, 2008

you know it's bad when...

my lovely husband wants to watch the vice presidential debates. he normally just listens to npr- but last night we had to watch the talking heads from 6pm on. sigh. he knew who wolf blitzer was but i had to explain to him the rest. we watched the run up to and the post debate crap. it's crazy- but we picked up on the same stuff the pundits did. perhaps i could co-host with rachel maddow?

anyway, my husband is an independent and he is very troubled that mccain and palin may get 'elected.' it's a real possibility. given the behind the scenes voter roll purges, diebold machines and many other voter shenanigans- added to the fact that there is a percentage of people in this country who think that 'regular' folks belong in leadership positions- well, it's scary.

look- leaders are leaders for a reason. they are leaders precisely because they have what we regular folks don't- the ability to reason differently and get things done. there's the whole charisma thing. mccain isn't it. palin isn't it. what my husband said was (and i a paraphrase) 'joe biden was a better debater. i don't agree with all of his points but he answered the questions clearly and backed them up with facts.' then you cut to soledad o'brien interviewing a group with 'undecideds' in it (yeah whatever at this point) and the one woman who raised her hand for palin said 'she just seemed so real'- what? biden was a robot? give me a fucking break.

she made hasselbitch look like a rocket scientist. she recited her talking points over and over and attempted the 'fargo hockey mom' routine. she came off nervous, scripted and cartoony. but hey, for people who believe in a mythical dude in the sky- i am sure they thought she was real and precious. as for the undecideds, give me a break. unless you are undecided which 3rd party candidate to vote for instead of obama- you are full of shit. bottom line. this is arguably one of the more important elections in american history and if you are undecided- you are most assuredly part of the bigger problem as a whole.

anyway, all i know is this- as much as it pains me to do so- we can't let mccain/palin win. we can't. mccain pulled out of michigan lock, stock and barrel- and his polls are sliding but we still have a month before (s)elections. our best chance of not having a mccain win is to vote for obama/biden. i don't agree with all of their decisions and policies but that's life. i haven't agreed with any in bushco's admin- so i'll take my chances. biden may not look at the motivations behind the other senators or pols- but i do. mccain has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel- and the neo cons are not above bumping his ass off. nobody likes him anyway. they want palin. she's a quickstudy. think about that. we have seen no evidence of her learning anything relevant- so what is she studying?

it's evident that she has the corruption thing down- and with her crack that she wants to add power to the vice presidential office- i'd say that she would make an excellent rethug president.


dawn said...

I've got to agree with you on this on. She looked in awe when she met Biden. You should tell them I am the real kind of Hockey Mom and I don't want to run the country, although I'd probably do a better job

John Good said...

Hell, the lipsticked pig would do a vastly better job than Sarah Palin!