Monday, October 27, 2008

when will the rage set in?

when the prozac wears off?

“People get very clearly that Washington found hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out rich people in a way the government does not usually intervene,” said Anthony Pollina, The Progressive Party candidate for governor in Vermont. “They understand that the government came up with all this money to support the wrong group of people. People get that in their gut. There is anger. It is not rage yet. There is still a little bit of disbelief. I may be running for governor, but all people want to talk about is how did we come up with all this money to give to rich people on Wall Street and why didn’t they let them pay their mortgage off.”

chris hedges- populism arising- but will it be the killer kind?


an average patriot said...

Baldwin and Nader are often right but I just see millions of Americans dying needlessly until people wake to action and even then I have no faith in the masses yet but I do have hope!
Did you see they uncovered a plot to assassinate Obama and decapitate 102 other Blacks?

Dusty said...


I think people just don't give a shit..they think there is nothing they can do about it and move on to the next news story.

And it makes me sick that 75% of the population is just like that. ;p

betmo said...

forever the pessimist am i- i am going to hazard a guess that most folks just don't have clue one where to start. they won't allow themselves to think outside of the box- and most are afraid. they are afraid of losing their home and things and the basic necessities. a real fear to be sure but they don't let themselves finish the thought- what's the worst that could happen? you learn how to live in your car or you crash with relatives. you learn how to make do with much, much less, you learn how to grow and cook your own foods, etc. it's a reality that is going to be hitting home to the majority of us sooner than we want to believe.