Monday, October 27, 2008

makes me wonder

exactly what the real plan in the middle east was- or if the neo cons are now just bombing the shit out of people over there for sport and fun.

us attack in syria kills 8- thought we were in iraq, afghanistan and the occasional bombing of pakistan? and still no terrorists caught. just innocent folks blown to smithereens.

juan cole is a must read if you are interested in the events of our occupation in iraq-

us all but committed to leave iraq

pakistani army and us security

more on syria raid


Pagan Sphinx said...

These types of messes have been made all over the globe by the US for decades. It has our policy to occupy, bomb, destroy, prop up dictators and hope we get what we want out of it.
And spend our money and our lives.

Hopefully the American people will be more leery of future occupations and wars after the mess of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I just read Juan Cole's blog entry. The complexity of the issues in the middle-east are enough to give anyone a headache trying to figure them out.
It's no wonder that people are not properly informed. Even if the media were to be explaining this to us accurately, it is so complex that even if you don't support the foreign policy decisions of BuchCo, you're still left scratching your head trying to figure it out.

Time said...

To want to dominate the world with ANY one political philosophy, is insane.

The goals of Bush and his neocons is no different than other tyrants in History, who thought the World would be a better place if all the World lived under their type of government.

Why do people wonder why we have so many people around the World against us, when we are always using military force to get the World to do what we want them to do.

Our intentions are not as sinister as a Stalin, or a Hitler, but the World sees our ambition towards them just as repulsive.

They rightfully cry, "America is a bully!"

Iraq asked us to leave a long time ago. Why did we not leave when they asked us to, and who are we to not leave when asked to?

fjb said...

Who does Israel feel threatened by almost as much as it does by Iran? Oh ya, Syria. It may have nothing to do with this, but it wouldn't surprise me these days.

betmo said...

fjb- very possibly. i guess i just want folks not to take things on face value. there isn't any logical reason to bully around over there- so what is the real reason that they did it? could be more sabre rattling- could be for israel- could be to make syria tow the mark- who knows? but there is something funny going on here.