Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy sunday

haven't felt like writing much these days. i really can't think of anything to write. now, there's a shame :) my husband bought me a computer game that i can't wait to try out- the sim city box set- part 4. i love sim city- perhaps it's my control freak, god complex, personality :) so, today's agenda is making 'flat' donuts for hubby, pumpkin muffins for his office- and checking out the sim city game now that i have it installed. the sun is shining after a full day of rain yesterday and, although i am sneezing and wheezing at the mildews released by said rain, it perks ya up. you betcha!


Thorne said...

Happy Sunday to you!!! I used to like Sims stories alot. But I had to delete it ... I made the mistake of recreating my family, which has changed significantly. :-(
These days I actually play WoW. Hahaha!!!

WeezieLou said...

"You betcha" right back atcha!