Tuesday, September 02, 2008

rethuglican highlights: you can't make this stuff up

but stupes will still vote right wing

my thought- rove is an 'unofficial' adviser to mccain's campaign- i think he gave the word for palin's nomination-why else would he use the word 'brilliant?'

anybody else hear about john mccain's temper? well, somebody might want to start taking notice- he apparently calls people names and throws tantrums

aside from all of her other issues- sarah palin has decided not to attend her soiree` thrown by phyllis schlafly- instead, she will probably be meditating about motherhood and grandmotherhood- and whether or not she has foreign policy experience. media doesn't seem to know.

remember how i said that disgraced, scandal-ridden rethuglicans never really go away- they are just recycled? sigh. i was correct.




the gulf coast region is part of the nation's bible belt. their god must be really pissed at them. gustav and newspaper filled levees aside- they have political shenanigans being pulled that puts sarah palin's 'troopergate' scandal in the pee wee leagues.

and, just because a rethug in a smack down is fun:


Anonymous said...

The Republican party is quietly self destructing. I only wish it were LOUDER!

opit said...

Snort. That theater lineup is priceless.