Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ahhh... good morning

i haven't watched a spectacular moment of either convention, but from what i understand, the dnc was a bigger success than the rnc. although, you wouldn't know that from the few who remain on the scene. no, big names like dick cheney, arnold schwarzie, and you know 1st tier rethugs, have opted out of even showing up in minnesota. but, there are a few brave souls willing to party at the oil companies', telecoms' and various other corporates' expense.

"Of course they are canceling everything - the Katrina paranoia. G-d forbid, anyone enjoy their life. My take is if they get everyone out of the threatened areas we are all good. McCain canceling everything shows me he is not ready to stand up to the media. McCain says GOP to suspend "most" convention activities on Monday. Gustav weakens from Cat5 to CAT3 and the Republicans have cancelled the first night of the convention. NUTS!"

a little compassionate conservatism

but, on the whole, many folks there didn't even know that the police were illegally (according to the archaic constitution) arresting, detaining, beating, tazing, intimidating, etc. the thousands (as opposed to hundreds) of protesters and non protesters in the st. paul area. of course, the police in denver acted just as paramilitary as the ones in st. paul- and doesn't that make folks in the least suspicious about all of this homeland security crap?

don't worry though, i am sure police state amerika is coming to a town or city near you. without the party.


an average patriot said...

I am convinced the RNC has been absolutely successful! McCain used used Gustav to the hilt yesterday in his favor!
As I was telling Ingrid I saw the stories of the violent anarchists being arrested but I was on to something else so I saved them for later.
I saw the preemptive raids at gunpoint where they were raiding protester meetings. I keep saying it but this is not a Democracy! It is merely the facade of one so the implementation of the Fascist police State can be installed and it is almost done as you point out!

Dave Dubya said...

All those republicans in one place must be emitting pheromones that arouse cops into a psyco-sexual beating frenzy.

Spadoman said...

The RNC is virtually in my back yard. Today, right now at this hour, the National Guard in full riot gear is marching two-by-two through an area where people with permits to assemble for a poor peoples march are awaiting the start of the 4:00 p.m. march.

Illegal police arrests and stops are still taking place. Law enforcement is intimidating the public.

"Borrowed" police from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and other places outside Minnesota are being used by homeland security to do their bidding under the lies of protection for the people, yet last night, downtown, 1/2 block away from the only really posh hotel in St. Paul, just 2 blocks from the RNC site, there was an event put on by Veterans For Peace, Code Pink and WAMM. There wasn't a cop to be seen. All was peaceful and quiet.

I haven't seen the use of force in person. I saw it on the news. Where i was, it was a peaceful march. There are some that are reacting to the reports that police are arresting people without cause, but I have seen none of it. Like the police, some are worried that the cops will be doing more of this activity as they reportedly have already done to Amy Goodman of democracy Now.

It is a zoo. It is sad to see where I live. I will stand and support anyone who peacefully assembles. I will not say things that are heresay unless I hear it from the people it happened to.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"i haven't watched a spectacular moment of either convention"
Me either, but that might be because I didn't watch either convention. That pic at the start of your post, of the Robotic Stepford Wives is cool!

"Gustav weakens from Cat5 to CAT3 and the Republicans have cancelled the first night of the convention. NUTS!"

That author needs only be even near a CAT3 girl cane, and they'll never say that again. A lot of people have died, using that logic.

betmo said...

well, that author is pammy at atlas shrugged right wing blog. she is a long island- well, i won't say as it is derogatory but suffice to say she probably has more money than sense. she and malkin were twins separated at birth.

ahhh.... you like the mustard yellow chiffon concoction eh? that color doesn't look good on anyone. not even beer heiress'.