Saturday, July 05, 2008

i don't do holidays

especially the fourth of july. it doesn't seem right- it seems more like president's day. our country is dead too. so, no soaring odes or citing the pledge of allegiance or singing the national anthem- if i flew a flag it would have to be at half mast. america is dead. the neo cons and bluedog corporate dems saw to that. profit and greed brought down a mighty nation that no other country or ideology in the world could.

so, hubby and i had some hotdogs and champaigne and enjoyed our day off together by planting tomatoes. i saw my bunny and robins and some old friends dropped by to watch the fireworks in our driveway and drink beer. every year the large park below us has fireworks. folks from all over binghamton drive over to watch. one of the selling points of the house (in the sellers' minds i guess) was the fact that you can see these fireworks out of our front window. and so we did.

so, i deliberately didn't write a july 4th post nor did i display any patriotic crap- because my country is dead and there has been enough death and destruction over the last five years- and continuing- for anyone.


Brother Tim said...

I'm with you there, Betmo. How can people celebrate Independence Day, when they've had their independence stripped from them?

One of the first signs of Fascism is mock patriotism: lapel pins; flag-waving; bunting; rallies; and singing of anthems. Google the Third Reich and look at it's pictural history.

My heart is heavy on the 4th of July, not for what we've achieved, but for what we've lost.

an average patriot said...

We had a comparable day. My tomatoes are long planted and doing well but my son on leave went striper fishing and we just relaxed out back and had a cook out. there was nothing to celebrate on the 4th beyond good friends and sticking together! What a situation huh? What stinks id we are not paranoids but dead on realists!

Dave Dubya said...

C'mon over and have a nice refreshing glass of kool-ade.

You'll feel better.