Sunday, February 17, 2008

what do other countries know

that we don't?


Carol Gee said...

betmo, you have a wonderful way of knowing just what is bugging me at a given time. Thanks so much for taking me to Cleveland to read this great article. Who new!? Cleveland's Sullivan wrote a great article about which I shall, of course, write a post.
Hope you are feeling better, b.

an average patriot said...

Of course Bush is lying about his intentions. What's new? These things come down all the time and they never harm anyone. It was announced a week ago that it was coming down and bore no threat.
Bushco jumped at the chance to make it a threat and lie saying he was protecting the poor citizens. Sound familiar? This is purely to show off. I'll laugh my ass off if something goes wrong but I doubt it.
I have to wonder how shooting a falling Piece of space junk compares to hitting a nuclear missile?
Remember whoever owns space owns the future. Russia and China also have the ability to shoot down satellites etc. Whoever has the abiliy to disable their adversaries satellites renders their oponents military "all of it" dead in the water.
The MDS is supposedly to shoot down incoming but to me it is to instigate war.
They have nothing to do with space ownership. That is HAARP's job. Remember last week I think it was, when conveniently in the middle east Iran and other countries lost internet and communication abilities supposed because of a boat anchor?
While Israel and Iraq were unaffected. That was no coincidence. That is HAARP's role (high frequency Active Aural Research Program). give it a google it is very real and very interesting!

Naj said...

staaar waars baby!

Now they would be more credible if they don't blame it on "Iran" and be forthcoming in admitting they fear China and Russia like shitless (sorry) chickens!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It seems strange to me that no other "dead" satellite has gotten such publicity, and I can't recall of any just off hand that had to be shot down, can you?

Other countries know they're being bullshitted by an idiot, and their anger is more than justified.

Beth said...

The other countries are of course now worried about our capability to shoot down their communications satelites....more Imperialist America showing its muscle.