Wednesday, February 13, 2008

weather patterns

i know that folks all over the country are having craptastical weather. i fear we have to get used to it. we had a couple of days of bitter cold followed by a snowstorm- and now- 35 degrees and rain. sure makes for easier shoveling- all i have to do is wait a bit for the rain to melt the snow and then push it to one side. doesn't make for good anything else. most of our water is going to run off now- no freezing and slow thaw so that the ground soaks it up- just over saturation and run off. we'll have to see how the summer goes- if it's hot with no rain- we may very well be in trouble. of course, we could follow georgia's lead and just do whatever we want to anyway.


fjb said...

That's what they're calling for up in my neck of the woods. Even though we've had just over 80" of snow since Nov., there's going to be rapid melt, then little if any rain come summer. According to one of our resident B.C. experts on the subject, Dr. David Suzuki, we'd all better get used to it, and recommends we create water capture systems to get us through the summers. So few listened to him years ago when he first started warning about the damage we were doing to the environment, and now it's a little late.

an average patriot said...

I don't want to be doom and gloom but it will get a lot worse around the world. It's funny but up here in western Mass the weather is really getting weird with spring turning to summer and the last couple of summers beind like rainy spring.
A guy I talk to daily from the outback tells me the same thing is happening there. I did a story on it once and had a great response from all around the world.
Anyway I am getting ready to go back out and clean up after the snow plow but this morning we had another foot and it weighed a ton because it was pouring out and it was frozen over. It has been pouring out all day and we'll be swimming in the cellar soon. It's a great day, keep smiling!

thepoetryman said...

We may well be able to survive 8 years of BushCo-

We may well be able to survive the drastic cold and heat-

We may well be able to survive earthquakes, floods and tornadoes-

But no water? We ain't that lucky.