Monday, February 18, 2008

monday again

as i sit here sneezing- and hubby is in the shower coughing- i have to think about the weather. yes- the weather. all of the snow has been rained away this president's day observed. there are so many folks around the world who have it worse than me- but i am going to complain today because i am sick and miserable. i am not a big one for change and this climate change is throwing me for a loop. february should be cold and icy and snowy- not rainy and tepid and damp. sigh.

i hate being sick. i am the worst sick person i know besides my husband. my nose gets red and i just can't be sick with any kind of grace. the nose drips like a faucet and my chest feels like an elephant is standing on it. plus- even with the vaporizer- we both have snored like fiends because we can't breathe. forget about bombs and guns- on good cold or flu virus would lay any enemy low.

i have tried to read much this weekend and i made the rounds a bit. one thing puzzles me. it has puzzled me since i started blogging and i guess it really shouldn't. how can self proclaimed liberals focus on only one issues here and there- ones that usually pertain to their lives- and then trash other 'progressives' for focusing on issues that try to get at the root of the corruption and erosion of civil liberties and human rights? doesn't make sense to me. understanding that taking issues at face value anymore is obsolete- and that you have to dig beneath the surface and be cynical and not trust people- well- as sad as it is- it helps you see what's true. the pie-in-the-sky, pollyanna mentality is what is getting the democratic party exactly nowhere because the two front runners for president are capitalizing on it- and congress uses it to push buttons too. the bottom line- progressive folks need to get their heads out of their asses and see reality. it is ugly and it is mean- but if you don't embrace that- you'll be left to the mercy of the powers that be.

anyhoo- must finish coffee and call me mum. later. achooo!!!


Larry said...

I have discovered a wonderful over the counter drug called Cold FX that is the number 1 cold medicine in Canada.

It builds the immune system so you don't get colds or the flu.

If taken daily over the winter it really works

Dusty said...

Well, sadly you answered my question regarding if your feeling any better.

Sorry chica..feel better soon, as a consolation..I am miserable with my allergies too.

an average patriot said...

Betmo you sound miserable. I hope you get better soon. As progresives no one should be chiding anyone. The issue's are endless. You can not focus on just one or you lose the tree for the forest. Hope you feel better. Keep up the good work.
This won't make you feel better but it isn't just us experiencing climate change. Friends in Australia and england are experiencing it too along with the rest of the world.

betmo said...

jim- i am miserable. i hate a cold. i hate uri's too- which is normally what i am prone to. they settle in your sinuses and chest and then sit there and linger. my eyes water and burn and i cough and sneeze. there are small reliefs but nothing takes away the misery. just have to wait it out with liquids and rest. sigh.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Sweetheart, if you can be graceful when you're sick, then you ain't sick:P

Hope ya get gooder soon!!

proudprogressive said...

That question is the question of all time..and why the whole republican - dem GAME is such bullshit really. It keeps us all playing like watching a tennis match..and meanwhile the underlying issue WITH US since the beginning of this country and with the world since FOREVER is never really touched one...

Its about the economic system ! We need a system of democratic socialism , and one where the workers OWN the businesses and our Federal Government owns our basic services IN ORDER TO PROVIDE and divvey up the pie more equitably. Identity Politics , single issue politics is divisive and keeps us all spinning a twirling while the rich get richer here and globally and the poor get used like so much garbage. HUMAN RIGHTS - pure and simple. Co operation vs Competition.
Fundamentally Greed and domination by those who claim themselves entitled by virtue of wealth or birthright over others is the root of the human struggle. Wars are not inevitable - PEACE is possible but it requires co operation. It requires that people think and share. It requires that all laborers across the globe demand that resources be shared and respected. WE got a lot of layers of conditoning to work through before people here in this country will be able to see the virtures of socialism without a knee jerk reaction.

Dispite your feeling like crap You still ask all the right questions.