Monday, February 18, 2008

it works

my mom happened to catch oprah and dr. oz on the day they were talking about neti pots. yes- neti pots. i have no idea why they are called that or the history of the neti pot. i have a vague idea that they are an asian thing that we have since co-opted but hey- i didn't bother to look it up. anyhoo- i have large sinuses. i know this because my dentist hygienist looked at my dental scan and said, "wow! you have big sinuses." said sinuses plague me in damp, chilly weather and i am prone to upper respiratory viruses. so- i am foggy headed and in pain often enough. well, i finally got my hands on one of these devices and i just tried it out- what with my nose full of naste and whatnot. holy crap!! easy to use and almost instant relief. i kid you not. i can breathe and i didn't drown myself. i know, i know- it isn't rocket science- but i am the second clumsiest person i know (the first being my sister- but don't tell her i said that. my birthday is around the corner :) so- whether you have a cold or sinus problem- allergies whatever- all you do is pour warm salt water into your sinus cavities and voila! relief. i got mine at wal-greens but you can google to see where else you can get one. it took awhile after oprah's last show. anything she talks about- sells out like instantly. patience is rewarded in this instance grasshoppers.

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shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

all the people I know who use these say they work very well. I have not tried one myself. I had forgotten about them, but I do want to try it. thanks for the reminder.

hope you had a good weekend.