Saturday, February 16, 2008


i decided to tool around a bit in technorati- as i haven't in some time. i recently put some folks back on the link roll- i put everyone in my google reader to read- because some folks recently asked if i would reciprocate links. i don't mind. i just never look at them and i would hazard a guess most folks don't. not unless you are curious about who i read- and then go and see why. i put about 25 or so folks in the ole link roll- and it's in my footer. it isn't a comprehensive list by any stretch- and i will probably get around to adding more but there is no good way to do it and it takes time. so- it's a start.

anyhoo- technorati. when i first started blogging- i was all about what my rating was. i had visions and aspirations of reaching millions :) hey- i was excited. but i go through lulls- as i am sure most of us do especially we who blog about world events- and it didn't matter so much anymore. i had found my niche of special folks and the strength, wisdom and camaraderie was enough- so i took everything technorati off the blog. yes- i am rambling but it's a saturday night and i am sick- so there!

i found it interesting that out of the top 100 blogs- based on the authority rating- not one right wing blog made it to the top 20. drudge was first at 39. malkin was like 52 or something. huffpo was 4. now, what that means? i guess it's based on links to your blog from other folks and i don't know that i get it completely. i do know that technorati can help to drive traffic to your site- if that's your deal- and you know how to harness it's full potential. i like the favorite thing. there are folks i read 'religiously' if you will- every single day they pump out interesting information or make me smile- or just talk about life. it's a way for me to let them know- if it's their thing- that they are a favorite of mine. my list is by no means comprehensive- i took some time to clean up the tags a bit but i will be adding i am sure.

if you have nothing to do- take a peek around technorati. it's interesting and free. and don't forget to favorite your favorites :)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I've became a bit jaded since I've been blogging. Some are here to "get famous", some are here so we can "look at me! Ain't I jist sumpthin", others (such as yourself) are here to educate others and try to save our country and planet.

It's not up to me to say who can have a blog and what they must write about. All of those reasons are as good as mine any day. But I do swing a ruthless hatchet when it comes blog roll house cleaning time.:)

As for reciprocal links....I don't really see the need. I read you, you read me. Reciprocal links always seemed to me like either "you scratch mine and I'll scratch yours", or a way by the other person to get more publicity without putting forth the effort, by linking to a consistently good blog such a yours.

And of these days, I really gotta find out what the hell that thing really does.:) Maybe tomorrow.:P

As for rankings, I really doubt I'm going to see my blog in lights anytime soon, I could care less about that, that's not why I started a blog, so I just shoot off my big mouth and waste space like I just did here, and don't sweat the minor shit!:)

Beth said...

Thanks for posting about the guitar hero thing as I have been meaning to update my own links and I added yours. I have heard of guitar hero but am not clear what it is. I think my nephews have it I will have to make it a point to check it out.

fjb said...

Hope you're starting to feel better. I had the stomach flu or something equally disgusting this last week, but now I'm finally feeling like I may try to eat something more substantial than chicken soup and crackers.

Sornie said...

I add links on my blog from time to time but I base it on who is mentioning me either in their links or posts so I guess it's sort of reciprocal linking. As for Technorati, that's where I find this oh-so-intriguing data.

Dusty said...

It is strange no rightwing nutjobs are in the top group.

The TTLB system does have some rightwing nutjobs in their top list however..