Sunday, August 12, 2007

sunday evening breeze

lovely evening breeze coming in through the window. makes me excited for the first of september when it is still warm but not humid and yucky like august. i updated my profile and included a gmail address. feel free. hubby is excitedly awaiting 'ice road truckers'. he is really into that show. yeah- he's weird. so- onward and upward.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Ice Road Truckers has been on for some time, at least here. I've been DVRing them on my machine and cutting the commercials out. If Hubby'd like to drop me a line with a snail mail....:)

Those nice breezes start around here somewhere around the first of November.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

thanks for the message. I tried to email you tonight, well acutally this morning now, and my webamil was down. will try tomorrow and get you caught up. gotta get to bed. hugs-n-kisses, shawn