Thursday, August 30, 2007

real quick

and then i really do have to get busy with my chores. wouldn't want drudgerella to miss out on that would ya? :) i was going to do a post about this when it first came out but there were already so many- i figured why bother? market saturation and whatnot. but i am really disgusted. this whole republican pervert thing. i don't give a rat's ass if these guys are pervs- what has really gotten my panties in a bunch is that the first things out of their mouths is "i'm not gay". it steams me.

actually, the first thought that crosses my mind when i hear a 'scandal' like this is- good lord! another perv in the republican party. then i jump to stereotype all rethugs as pervs. not gay. pervs. these folks fondle kids or solicit prostitutes or strangers in airport stalls, apparently. they don't date other men (and it is usually the men gopers. don't get me started as to the whys of that. i am late already)

so- fyi republican perverts- we, the people, don't give a rat's ass about your sex life. you apparently are unhappy with yours. stop hiding behind the facade of the judeo-christian puritan nuclear family and just be who you are. unless you really are a pedophile- then- you belong in jail. gotta go launder and clean. house. not money.


5th Estate said...

Actually Betmo, I'd argue Craig's situation IS about perversion, and it is endemic to the GOP.
Not the gay sex and not expedient lying in the face of a single instance of embarassment.
The perversion is of the truth. And not just now, but every single time, in every case it seems. The perversion lies in the insitituionalization of denial.The perversion lies in the legislation against those deemed "perverted" when such is of n omore consequence than any other fleeting personal action.
The perversion lies not just in claiming one thing and doing another, but then being enabled to to do so and not only not being held accountable, but refusing such accounting and being utlimately rewarded with blind support from the powerfully placed who are equally in denial .
The perversion lies in the vilification and abuse of those who point out the real perversion, of truth, justice, fact, humanity and morals.

Craig isn;t a sexual "pervert" he's a mental, social pervert as are so many in the GOP it seems. ANd worse still he and his pals have the power, and exercise the power to make the "normal", perverts, with the force of law and accountability and punishment--immediate and absolute--whilst THEY by there power, get to benefit from their own perversions.

Personally I have no interest in homosexuality--not even in lesbianism. Two men french-kissing each other doesn't turn me on, two attractive women would, but for about ten seconds--after that all I know is that I'm not getting any action whatsoever. It's not my right to prevent others from getting some action just because I'm not, to make me feel better about myself. And it's not in my best interest to criminilaize someone whose sexuality doesn't coinicide with mine--they might give me a job, or buy me a drink, or inform me in some useful way.

Craig and his ilk ARE indeed perverts--especially as they have ad the opportunity, and still have the opportunity, to admit one aspect of their "perversion"-- to Come out"---and get substantial support from the many who have found this sexual proclivity of no consequence.

Craig and the rest of the GOP have created their own "issue" and expanded upon it, and then suffer needlessly from it, by their own making. THAT is really perverse.

thepoetryman said...

i don't give a rat's ass if these guys are pervs- what has really gotten my panties in a bunch is that the first things out of their mouths is "i'm not gay". it steams me.

You read my mind! I thought to myself, wow. These fools must think that their labeling themselves as "not gay" has a flea's ass smidgen to do with their crime. The same thing goes when they try to incorporate gay with pedophiles! Nothing is further from the truth. they are not gay if they are pedophiles, they are perverted monsters. I know many in the gay communtiy that are so upset by this rhetoric. Well I am upset by it too. It is a very sad approach to take when dealing with pedophiles who prey on little boys. It completely clouds the issue. Every gay man or woman I know finds the idea or act of pedophilia to be repugnant. The same cannot, obviously, be said for the recent party of goddamned hypocrites.

Off my soapbox I go.

Peace my friend.

Larry said...

These are self described moralists who tell the world what virtues they should have, while they are living the life that they profess to abhor.

Daniel said...

Hypocrisy is alive and well! We humans are a sorry lot. Even animals have some morality!

Is our civilization (if you could call it that) rotting apart from the inside?

Chuck said...


I don't know that it's so much civilization as it is the 3% that have the stranglehold on the 97%.

Just sayin'...