Monday, August 27, 2007

putting it all together

the blogosphere has been pretty busy of late- what with all of the corruption oozing out of the government and whatnot. ever wonder why it is only just seeping out now? i do- but then again i tend to be suspicious in nature. so- a recent recap has seen at least 14 folks 'resign' from the executive branch within the last 6-8 months and several folks in the congress leave for a variety of reasons- mostly, if not exclusively, rethuglican. why? what do they know that we don't? i would love to say it's because they are quaking in their boots that they are going to be hauled under oath before congress and whatnot- but let's get real. so, why now?

don't ya wonder why so many upper management rethugs buy property elsewhere in the world? paraguay and dubai jump to mind. i mean i have posted myself recently on the billions and trillions of american dollars flying free hither and yon- mostly because i have been interested to know where exactly my tax dollars have been going since it has become painfully obvious that it isn't to infrastructure here-- or iraq apparently. so- i have read and posted about mercenary companies and troops; christian mercenaries and pulpit schemes to get folks to obey and fight for jesus against the heathen infidels abroad- and domestic. i have read about paying off foreign heads of state and paying for their legal bills- and bribing folks for information in muslim countries. bailing out hedge funds and sub prime mortgage companies also.

oh- and lest i forget- taking tax payer money to pay for our own demise- corrupt voting machines and people who run them- and rovie paying to keep the rethugs in office. huh- almost let that gem fly by. must be slipping. what was my point? oh right. americans stealing from other americans in order to put those americans under dictatorship. yes. that's it. amazing isn't it? we actually have fellow americans in and out of the country- gleeful at the thought of rounding us dissenters up and torturing us in internment camps. so- please tell me- who are the terrorists again? i lost track. are they our allies since most of the 9/11 hijackers were saudis? are they iraqis because we have bombed the shit out of and ruined their country for no other reason than greed? is it the iranians because they don't want to see us bomb the shit out of their country for no other reason than greed?

or is it our fellow americans who want to destroy this country- and the planet- for no other reason than greed? you tell me. i lost track.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Yes, I wonder about all these things as well. And a lot of Democowards have to be thrown on that "homes in some other country" pile as well, sadly, for I too, am suspicious.

The best explanation I can come up with, for all the rats jumping ship as of late, is to get an early start on establishing a shadow government, that will "rule" whatever party takes over.

Larry said...

I think it is the latter and they won't stop until they succeed, or they will die trying.

Chuck said...

The thing is- this is all so painfully visible nowadays because this regime that has its stranglehold on EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is so powerful that they can be blatant with it. With all of it. There are no "checks and balances". There is nothing but us and them. They are in control because our representatives that we elect to keep them in check are...

Well, you know.

I almost went into a rant and I hate it when I do that. I've done enough of that on my own blog recently.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Strange days, indeed.