Wednesday, August 22, 2007

online jihad

my mom saw this on wednesday august 22, 2007 edition of the today show. if you click on the part 6 link- you can watch the segment. i couldn't find a way to put the video here. this is not a new phenomena either- the story probably goes way back- but we have only become aware since 2001. the arrogance, hubris and superiority that many americans continue to feel when it comes to middle eastern folks constantly amazes me. many in this country hate anyone who is from the middle east and consider them to be 'sand monkies' or 'towel heads' who ride camels and sit on a patch of sand. well, we are getting our asses handed to us aren't we? the dog and pony show we get fed from the admin- who fired anyone who could translate for allegedly being gay- goes on in the media and from the illustrious gop congresspeople who go there for photo ops.

the reality is this- these folks sit on oil. that means that most of the wealthiest people on the planet live there. they are educated in western universities. they have access to the movers and the shakers- and they have the ability to get folks to do what they want. we are the assholes who refuse to learn anything about their history, language and culture. to our own detriment. it begs the question then- can an open society- or any society ever be 'safe?' and let's face it, the yahoos we have in office have absolutely no interest or ideas on how to keep us that way. nor do they truly care. think about that. the fear mongering is for naught. so why be afraid?

update addition: sumo at the sirens- 'so long baghdad'

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Larry said...

Even a good tactical person gets to know his enemy, and often he may find they aren't the enemy that he was told.