Thursday, August 16, 2007

news clips on the sidebar

i have been putting news clips i find timely in the delicious on the sidebar. you only have to click on the link to read. i was especially saddened that many women in iraq have had to resort to prostitution in order to feed their children. not to mention the horrible suicide rates of our folks in the military. i know what i am intending to do for this year leading up to 08- and i know how i intend to vote. if the impending stock market crash and melting arctic ice coupled with the above misery doesn't move you- then i don't know what will. no the dems are not the great white hope- but they are our best braking system. we, the people, have to clean up this mess. we need to buy some time for moment to figure out how. worrying about a rethug takeover isn't going to give us that moment. vote democratic in 08- even if you have to swallow your indignation to do it.


Daniel said...

Swallowing one's indignation can lead to heartburn, Betmo.

Problem is that voting for either side signals a continuance of the failed status quo.

Rising up then putting the cleaners through the current corrupt, self-serving system is the only real answer. The rest is window dressing.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I fail to see the Dems as any kind of a braking system at all, otherwise Bush would be impeached, and this war would be over.

I do see them as a whitewash system.

Larry said...

The Democrate, especially Pelosi and Reid have become enablers instead of prosecutors, and now where do we turn?