Thursday, August 16, 2007

a must read

enigma's post on voting at the sirens

my heart grows heavy when i think of my fellow americans having a part in all of this. the idea that so many in so many states didn't count votes; destroyed ballets; turned people away; knowingly introduced diebold machines.

willingly subverted democracy.

this wasn't brought about by foreign terrorists and i fail to see any difference between this 'domestic terrorism' and the folks who drove planes into tall buildings. these are the same people who claim to love america and flaunt the flag as if they are the only patriots around. these are the same people who claim to want to save america's 'way of life'- but what does that mean? if you are taking part in the dismantling of the constitution- how is that preserving america? the sheer number of people who must be involved in this movement staggers and disheartens me. if that many people want to see the end of democracy, how can we continue to call ourselves america?


Chuck said...

Well, they aren't my fellow Americans.

enigma4ever said...

wow...I have never thought of it in that light...I was thinking of it as well, Bushco maybe has an Enemies List ( kind of like Nixon) and he spied on people and suveilled, and maybe just maybe he and Rove sat down in goodol'boy fashion and snort snort snigger made a list they could throw off the Voting Polls and records....becuase after my experience I realized it was done in a pretty strange fashion....I mean my WHOLE street vanished...I don't know what to think...

Demon asked me what was the result of the legal far as I know Feinsteins office was going to turn everything over to JD ( remember Gonzo was not in charge yet....but I also know that on Election Day Asscroft resigned- before the votes were even counted- WHY?)

I am sorry about having to tell my tale...what really worries me is HOW MANY ??how many thousands were thrown out- and none of it was "accidental or an errror..."You are right to be concerned that it was more organized than that...and I know that...and have for awhile....

I know maybe I should have followed up or researched it further...but at a certain point you just don't know what to think or do....esp when Kerry and Edwards just dropped to the floor the next day in November- I mean less than 12 hours after Kerry said " we will count every vote", they gave up...that did not help my faith- AT ALL.....

sorry Betmo...I wish I had something more heartening or postive or encouraging to say....

Time said...

Unfortunately, election fraud has been with us since the start of our country, and the problem is better now than in the past.

Historians say the problem was really bad in the late 19th century, especially on the east coast.

The days of the "Tammany Hall" political "big bosses." Votes were intentionally misreported, voters were beaten up, labor groups were paid to force their members to vote a certain way, and on, and on.

JFK's team literally paid cash to people for voting for him, and then they stuffed the ballot boxes in Chicago.

The problem always gets highlighted when it's a close election, like Nixon/Kennedy, or Bush/Gore.

Bush's team did not create the bad "chad" punch ballot, that has been around for decades. They exploited the problem (they knew existed) and forced a legal showdown knowing the courts were on their side.

The lowest point for the Supreme Court since the days of "Jim Crow" laws, was when they gave the Presidency to Bush.

It's more than a shame that we spill blood to ensure the vote, then the vote is dishonest. Another reason why cynics of our process, will never disappear. Vote fraud is nothing new, yet, we survive.

This is all unacceptable, and we need a uniform, honest, tamper free voting system in America.

I would have thought after the 2000 election the Congress would have done something about it. Our mistake, to expect the Congress to do anything.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

if that many people want to see the end of democracy,
I don't know as those who attempt to "tip" the vote "their" way, see their efforts as trying to bring down Democracy. Rather, I think they saw their efforts as protecting Democracy against those who would bring it down (us).

The real problem lies in the fact the Reich Wing has it's own definition of Democracy, and it's nothing like the constitution said it should be.