Friday, August 24, 2007

memo to the half wits

all you have to do is what the american people want- and we will vote for you. you don't have to play politics or any other 'strategies'- just do what is in the best interests of the public you serve- and we will vote for you. or is that too much information for you to handle?

oh- and also- listen to rachel maddow- she apparently has more of a handle on things than you do:

h/t to bac at yikes!


BAC said...

Thanks for the link! Rachael Maddow is one of my favorites!


Larry said...

I'd vote for Rachel Maddow before I'd vote for Pelosi or Reid.

Obviously position and hidden Iraqi oil revenues are more important than innocent lives, and the will of the American people.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

They're in a bit of a bind. We're telling them do one thing, Bush is telling them another, their broker is telling them another about their investments in war companies.....

It's not easy being a whore now days, ya know?

QUASAR9 said...

Give it to them straight betmo

Because they are surrounded by military aids, people in the Whitehouse seem to place an inordinate emphasis on the Pentagon's opinion ...
that's how America got into Vietnam

But what I find dismaying is that there (and over here too) the opposition, oppose the war, the opposition oppose bad foreign policy ... until they get into the final run. Then they seem to get cold feet and start backtracking.

If you oppose the war you oppose the war. If you support investment in civil projects such as flood defences for New Orleans, you support flood defences for New Orleans. You don't let the other side distract you from your goals and games are. If you are going to play their game - Why elect you?

Aaah, but will they ever learn.