Tuesday, August 28, 2007

iraq or iran? who can tell anymore?

fox news, and indeed most of the corporate media, have been propaganda machines- don't let it continue. we can do something- boycott the corporations who advertise here- and support real news organizations.


lynn said...

betmo, I have a list of sites and resources and when I have gone to media awareness events with peace and justice groups, we made action packets so instead of just talking about it or presenting, we could offer something else. "steps".There are more things people can do than they think. I think it is important to support journalism over propaganda, and to support independent media. We have to work together on sharing how.

Also, we can write or call to show support, to tell decent programs to keep up the good work, that not everyone watches the circus tv.

Hope to read more here in September, when I am not so crazy busy. I dont get on as often as want to lately!

Good post at Sirens, too!

Chuck said...


I have something for you at my place.

betmo said...

lynn- i think that that is a good idea. i know that my buddy spocko at spocko's world took on melanie morgan and her ilk by simply alerting the sponsors of the program- ie the ad companies- to what was being promoted. of course, he also offered to share with more folks in order to boycott products and whatnot. hitting the pocket book is a good way to get these folks' attention.

by the same token, supporting pbs- and specifically the bill moyers' specials and independent lens, etc- is a good way to give back and to support journalism. i get much of my news from mcclatchey based on the interview moyers had with a couple of their reporters- they are real journalists there.

Larry said...

The media and the politicians of both parties are spouting the same rhetoric as before Iraq.

Watch out for a Mideast war.

Brother Tim said...

Watch out for another Middle-east disaster.