Friday, August 10, 2007

i'm shocked!

i didn't know jenna could actually read- let alone write.


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

I hope she can stay sober long enough to write at least a sentence.


Larry said...

Intoxication coupled with a high level of cocaine can make even the most zombic of individuals perform acts of astonishment.

Maybe that is what happened here!

Naj said...

L O L !!!!!!!!!!!

well i sure don't want my children read that book!

Isn't this Laura a teacher? well I surly don't want any teacher whose children end up being like the Bushi offsprings ... there is so much that one can blame genetics!

alaskababy said...

I wonder... will the book be written "upside down"?

sumo said...

They'll probably have a ghost writer. And what chaps my butt is...there are a lot of great writers out there that can't get published because they aren't famous...publishers won't see anyone unless they are represented by an agent...and not just any agent. So by virtue of their "status" (losers) they'll easily find a publisher just salivating to take on their little book. It's just not fair!