Thursday, August 23, 2007

i hate to say it...

but i told you so. there i said it. over the past year i have researched on my own- with the information available to me via the internet- the way that the neo cons started and what they are up to. this story is just coming to light because of the efforts and hard work from dedicated americans at the aclu- thanks to marie at the 'tude for putting this out here

the boy in the bubble

oh- i am adding this because chuck brought the house down with this post- in case you still have your head up your ass thinking we have a constitution-

spin these


Chuck said...

Thanks for the link & comment Betmo. SINCERELY APPRECIATED!!!

Its so frustrating that people are still sleeping.

Larry said...

I don't see how or why these people are still lounging around like the world exploding, isn't the world they are living in.