Monday, August 27, 2007

i am ensaddened

and yes- i have reached the status where i can make up my own words. there are so many good blog friends that have recently decided to give up their blogs. this makes me sad- not because i don't understand why- because i do understand why but i miss them. i am lucky enough to have contact with some of these bloggers at the sirens and through emails- and for those of you who are interested- i have listed my gmail account in my profile. i miss pc mary and diva and blue- and there are many others i can't list right now. i am ensaddened by their loss in the blogosphere but i know that they are dynamic folks who are working hard in the real world to make this world a better place. hugs. b.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

It starts out "fun", then the strain starts. Then the blues. Then the "what "F"ing good is this?" routine.

This can be a rough business. We go to "work" every day, we come home empty handed. It wears at a person.

Larry said...

I notice many bloggers take a break and some are giving up entirely.

I think they have fought for what is right for so long, and they see the Democrats sitting idly by and they get discouraged.

Hopefully they will return this winter for another day.

Chuck said...

It seems like there is a "rash" of this recently. I've seen it happen before. The two guys ahead of me are right in what they say.

I remember when I first started blogging I was a regular poster on the DNC blog and all of my net friends there had blogs of their own. I watched them all drop off one by one. I think there are only a couple of them left now.

I spent a lot of time (WASTED TIME) "in the cyber trenches" going back and forth with the bush lovers. It taught me a lot about what true patriots are up against.

It got kinda "lonely" for a while- and I even quit once (thankfully Commandante Agi saved my domain), but little by little I met new people like you guys that I consider good net friends now.

All said, it really isn't easy. We've all felt the burnout from time to time.

As far as the future- my whole reason for being in the left blogosphere was a disgust and outrage for the bush regime (my children's future-my country's future) and if the dictator-wannabe decides to step down in January 2009, I don't know what I'll do. If he doesn't leave I expect us all to be shut down.

So, at this point, I expect to go back to concentrating on my science and timetravel sites then.

No said...

Well, it's my birthday, and in honor of such, I've given myself a new blog:

No said...

what happened to pc Mary?

pissed off patricia said...

I just today found out that Mary had stopped blogging. I hadn't been there for a while because I thought her wrists were mending and she wasn't posting. Did she say why she stopped?

When I decided to go solo on a blog I told myself I would do it as long as it was fun. I still feel that way.

During this war, blogging has helped me keep my sanity, what little is left of it.

I understand when someone says, enough of this. Hopefully they will get rested and come back soon.

dawn said...

B you know it always makes me sad when people leave. You remember my fav Aussie. Oh well thanks for caring I'm stilll here and even wrote a new post, I think it's just been that kind of a summer. I don't know if I'd ever delete my blog if I stopped writting I find I can look back and see where I did thngs right and wrong. Oh well my girl till tomorrow