Friday, August 24, 2007

common sense and a little good news

brad pitt is apparently in louisiana with global green working to help get houses built. i won't get started on the anger i feel that the gulf coast region has deliberately been left on its own by the federal government. read the blurb from the today show- or watch the clip that is on the today show site. it isn't long- and really- he's right:

“The idea that we pay utility bills is absolutely unnecessary,” he said as he led a tour of what will be an affordable house in the city’s devastated Ninth Ward. “I mean, there's the sun. Feel the breeze that's been created here. And we got water right out there,” he said, gesturing out an opening in the wall that will be a window.

“Any one of these can be harnessed,” he continued. “And we can integrate ourselves into that ecosystem, and not only power our houses, but actually produce energy for other parts of the city.”

why do we continue to blindly lead where the government tells us to go? tradition? habit? conditioning? you tell me.

and.... i love anne murray :)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The Canadian Snowbird.:) Love the gal myself.

It takes infrastructure to harness all that stuff, and it's same oh same oh. "I don't want all that stuff in my backyard." I read once where somebody was suing somebody else because a wind farm "polluted" the landscape!

Stupid peoples with such greedy, short vision.......(:

Time said...

Irresponsible corporations and capitalism left unchecked.

Why do we believe, or allow money driven (greedy) companies to make the right decisions for our country, or have our best interests as their priority?

Pure capitalism (the market place) is not the best way to ensure the smartest solution to our problems.

Carol Gee said...

I saw Pitt on TV. I was struck by his simple heartfelt awareness. Dynamite combo-a "hunk" with brains and heart, not that I would ever objectify the guy, huh?

alaskababy said...

You reminded me of how much I enjoy Anne Murray. :)

great song.

I hope whatever Pitt says and does that change will follow. The kind of change that allows what was to be returned, better (not whiter) than before.