Saturday, August 11, 2007

christianity at it's 'finest'

this one goes for the trifecta-

it's a christian church in texas- and they canceled a memorial service for a veteran because they found out he was gay. i guess i am getting to be more conservative in my views because i think that these people should be wiped out. there is no place on this planet for this kind of thinking or living. you can't force an adult to take medication for mental illness- so- they should be wiped out.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

This is disgusting. I don't even have the words to describe how angry this makes me. Whatever happened to compassion for the dead? What about compassion for this fallen soldier's family? Christians need not worry that it's heathens and/or gays and/or atheists who are trying to "destroy christianity". Many of them seem to be doing a fine job of destroying "the faith" all by themselves.

alaskababy said...

How I would love to find a portal to another dimension!

Dizzy's right, "christians" are destroying "christianity" quite nicely, w/o any help from civilized society. We are all too busy trying to live real lives as real people to focus our energies on dismantling their freakshows.

Larry said...

It's bad enough they cancelled because he was gay, but he was a soldier as well.

They are doubly horrible.

American Aries said...

How do I put this nicely? The pastor of that church is full of s*it. There is nothing "principled" about canceling a funeral for a veteran.

But here is the kicker - what if they were holding a funeral for a veteran who had to kill for his country? Is murder not considered a sin to these people?

I'm with you Betmo - these people are a waste to decent society. These people can't even compare to Cecil Howard Sinclair's bravery and service to his country.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

First, I want to say this church does not represent "Christianity" in any manner. The Reich Wing Religious Fundamentalist cultists kidnapped the term Christianity to hide behind. They are Cultists, not a bit different than the Muslims they hate!! The MSM helps perpetrate the myth that they are Christians, to stay in favor with the Head Terrorist.

(From the article) .....saw pictures of men "engaging in clear affection, kissing and embracing."
Can't have any of that damn affection going on, for sure!:) Fundie cultist men regularly embrace each other at their services.:) It is intended to be a clear sign of affection and bonding "as one"!:) Kissing is done in the dark in skirts, I guess.:P

.....the church offered to pay for another site for the service, made the video and provided food for more than 100 relatives and friends.
"Hello. Do you bury queers? Yes? Good! We're sending one over......"
Their type of cultism that you've seen here, should be erased. But they hide behind "God"..and everybody cowers.

American Aries: Is murder not considered a sin to these people?
No. Not when they're murdering "the bad guys." Ditto for the Muslims. "Allah" rewards them for killing "the infidels" (us). That is why this war has nothing to do with Terrorism, and everything to do with Cultism, again, hiding behind the name "Religion."

sumo said...

Dishonorable...and disgusting!