Monday, August 13, 2007

caught my eye

now, if you are like me, you don't think much of the stock market. i do more now since hubby's job depends on it, but it is still more in the background than anything else. but--i have done lots and lots of research on the various groups and sundry associated with the bush cabal. i really have to go back and tag all of the posts i made in old blogger. took me 20 minutes to find the link. but i digress. no- what caught my eye was this:

goldman sachs hedge fund has $3 billion bailout

a little history on goldman sachs- and its relationship with bushco and pnac

just saying to watch the corporations who need 'bailouts' and what not and think- neal bush.


C-dell said...

I never really kept up with it, but always found it interesting. Wouldn't mind investing myself someday

sumo said...

Oh...I never forget what ol' Neal did when Daddy 41 was in office and how easily it got swept under the rug. They are all weasels of different shapes and sizes. Ma Babs being the fattest weasel of course. Did she sit them all down at the play table and tell them to be good little crooks and liars? She undoubtedly didn't stick her head in the nursery door very often at all for the lousy way they've all turned out.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Another example of why you're one of the finest in the business!! Keep it up, Betmo!