Friday, August 24, 2007

beating a dead horse

could someone please tell me again why american's panties are in a wad over mexican folks in this country? yeah, yeah- i get you're hiding behind 'it's the illegals we don't want here' facade- but really. when i read things like this article and see things like this map:

and realize that it is OUR government working with all three countries- well it begs the question doesn't it? why are they scapegoating the very people they are welcoming in?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

could someone please tell me again why american's panties are in a wad over mexican folks in this country?
I'm not sure if you're asking that rhetorically or not, so I'll assume not. The quickest way to answer it is this: Bring a Mexican into the country, give him your Husband's job because the Mexican will work for a tenth of what any American used to be paid....then come back and talk to me.

The map, the "supertrucker highway" as it's referred to by truckers, that's all true, and has been in the works for some time.

The fences along the border, all the hearings on Illegals? Think of it as one big Pelosi Road Show - for that's exactly what it is. Just like Lawyergate. Throw the base a bone....

betmo said...

yeah- well, my thought is that we should be striving for jobs that are a bit more intellectually taxing anyway in this country. we have the resources, and the most college educated work force on the planet- and yet we have bachelor's degrees and higher taking jobs away from high school grads. don't get me started. my point was- folks in this country got their bigot hats on over 'hispanic' folks- and mask it as disgust and hatred for illegals- when they don't bother to ask if the folks they are rounding up are illegal or not. blame the corporations for busing these folks in and out- and creating a place for them. i just find it oxymoronic (go figure) to spend millions of dollars to build a fence to 'keep illegals out' and yet build a huge highway right up through the middle of the country from mexico to canada.

hugs buddy :)

Larry said...

One thing many don't realize is this is a prelude to removing all borders of neighboring countries of the U.S to form the North American Union.

This is Bush's secret deal with Mexico and Canada to place new laws on Americans, a totally new currency and allowing labor srandards to be eliminated for the millions of workers from Mexico and South America who will come here to take U.S jobs at low wages.

There will be no vote in Congress (though that wouldn't matter) and the plan is for it be begin in 2010.

The ultimate prize from this is shooting for the New World Order, the dream of the ultra-neocon Tri-Lateral Commission.

Ingrid said...

AMEN girl! Hence NAFTA. Hence the Independent Texans movement here trying to stop the NAFTA highway here with the eminent domain takeover bid..
and as "the future.." eludes to, it's been in the works for quite a while. As one of my neighbours here would say; "Can anyone say Bilderberg?"

Brother Tim said...

I guess you're right, Betmo. Truckdriving isn't really very intellectual. Why not farm it out to the Mexicans? That way, the drivers could communicate with the unintellectual roofers, carpenters, and construction workers they will be delivering to.

betmo said...

tim- it wasn't meant as an insult by any stretch. we already have the means- and there are many up and coming countries on this planet who are grateful for a chance to start moving up. we have a shortage of skilled labor in this country- which is what carpentry, plumbing, housepainting, etc., etc is. my father was an ironworker- and believe me he knows alot of stuff about stuff. my point is- why are we bitching and moaning about jobs that other folks are more than grateful for? their time will come when their workforce will be as educated as ours- and there will be others to take their place.

Brother Tim said...

I saw your comment at And yes, I DO take it personally.

Possibly, my words also didn't convey my true meaning. I didn't take your post as insulting at all. I guess my point is this: I have no problem whatsoever with immigration, if it is done legally. The problem lies with illegals and the greedy corporatists that make it possible. This is no longer the early 1800s, with plenty of land out west that can be settled. That is why we have set immigration quotas.

There are literally billions of people world-wide that would love to come to America. We can't possibly let in everyone who wants a better way of life. We would be far better served to helping improve the situations in their respective countries. When you create a situation in which people are crowded in like sardines in a can, you will have a myriad of problems which will be next to impossible to allieviate. Pollution and infrastructure problems will result, as witnessed by countries such as China. Even without immigration problems, China, for years, has had mandatory birth control limiting the amount of children a family may have. This is definately something Americans would strongly resist, although in the end, it may be needed.

If we continue to fail to secure our borders, and allow those that come in illegally to gain citizenship just because they made it in, our society WILL pay the price. When Reagan granted amnesty to all the illegals back in the 80s, we were told the situation would be remedied. However, since that time, illegal immigration has quadrupled. There has to come a time when we say, "Enough is enough".

As for the intellectual aspects, I will have a post up on the Blog of Revelation in a couple of days on Intelligence and Education.

I'm sorry that I left you with the impression that you were being insulting, it was not my intent.

Peace and Grace to you, Sister.

betmo said...

i quite agree with you that we need a different immigration policy- i imagine most do. my big peeve is the white people in this country leaping on the bigot bandwagon and assuming that every 'hispanic' person in america is illegal. somehow it makes it 'ok' to be racist and mistreat folks. no- i don't think that we should automatically hand over citizenship because the folks are already here. however, i also don't think we should give them tests any harder than the ones our current americans can't pass. does that make any sense? the white folks here have a sense of white supremacy that is staggering. we in america also don't want to have to work for anything anymore- therein lies the big issue. saudi arabia has a similar problem. their young folks have grown up with privelge due to the oil revenue. they 'import' poor pakistanis and egyptians and who not and make them do the menial tasks. these young people graduate with a theology degree from college and want to be ceos of corporations. sound familiar?

i look forward to your post :)