Wednesday, August 15, 2007

any ideas? i am fresh out.

i know that i have been remiss in posting. i have been taking a step back because of a variety of reasons- not the least being i hate summer :) but, as summer winds down- i guess i should get back into the fray. i don't know what all of the answers are to the mess we are in. the blame has already been laid squarely on our own shoulders for being so hands off for so many years- relying on the people who we had elected and trusted to look out for our well being. yeah. see where that got us. so- here we are. what do we do now? damned if i know.

my friend and i were talking about the sad state of affairs- and activism. she is of the mind that it is essentially useless- folks spinning their wheels and being distracted while rome burns- so to speak. i agree to a certain extent. if all we do is foment, then yes, it is useless. but i think many of us agree on that point. the bigger point that we went on to talk about was the outmoded way we all think. we rely on what has worked in the past- not thinking of how to do things now. i think that we are at a point where we are realizing this- and want to move forward. perfect time for progressives to step forward and take the helm.

but- there's that pesky thing called 'the masses.' the masses don't move as quickly as a few. obviously. otherwise it wouldn't have taken america as a whole 7 years and counting to be fed up with the boy wonder who has tried really hard to destroy an entire planet. so- onward and upward. i think that at the very least we have a sense of solidarity. now what are we going to do about it? how can we put it to the best use? if we don't use the momentum, we'll stall.

my thoughts are leading towards voting straight democratic in 2008. now, bz- don't get your panties in a wad :) it is the best shot we have of saving the judicial branch- and consequently, our country. the right is talking about keeping the federal court system "conservative" for 2 generations. i want desperately to change our election system but we don't have the time or the resources to do it this time around. i am less than impressed with the current crop of democrats- as a whole- but i am again looking at them as a braking system- not as a hope.

look at what 2 years will have bought us- baby steps for sure- but if we can lengthen our majority in congress and elect a democratic president- we will buy ourselves some time to do some much needed work overhauling our electoral system- and quite frankly- our infrastructure- not to mention renewing diplomatic ties. the economy is tanking folks. we can't put our heads in the sand or rest on ideals- we have to be pragmatic and get ready to hunker down. we have a country that is in as bad a shape as the gulf coast region- and we need to put our gloves on and and get ready to get dirty. it isn't going to be pretty- and we are going to have to sacrifice- but we have to do what we have to do. which is?

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