Friday, July 06, 2007

open thread friday

believe it or not- i am not in a bad mood. not at all. life is good now that most of the painting is over. it is going to be hot and humid here over the next week- and my mom isn't doing well- but i am surprisingly ok. i know that i come off as an intolerant bitch much of the time- and i pretty much am because this isn't the time for 100% tolerance. the left has the reputation of being 'bleeding heart' and soft and squishy because of compassion. normally, i am all for being kind to your fellow man- and woman- and i am all for being inclusive and uniting folks. i have no such feelings right now. the argument over whether 'atheists' should insult christians on the issue of separation of church and state is ludicrous. we shouldn't insult those working along side of us in what? the fight against religious persecution of secularists.

so we should bend over backwards and kiss your christian asses for jumping on the bandwagon. whatever people. get over yourselves. my beliefs don't trump yours- but your faith's apparently trumps mine. we are not simpletons who don't get that there are differences in religions or sects or denominations. we get that there are nice christians who help the poor and serve their god quietly. i, for one, have read your bible several times and studied it. i have a better understanding of what it says than many christians out there. what i see- doesn't thrill me. so you will understand my thought that any of the big three religions- and hinduism too- should be thrown out.

should blog against theocracy have been a platform to bash christians? no, not really. i have a feeling that the contempt felt by non christians was woven into the context of the blog posts- and it was part and parcel of separating church and state. which was why the protester was unable to give any post in particular. i don't think that a blogswarm is a public service announcement, however, and i highly doubt you would 'convert' anyone to athieism through a blog post. most of the people reading the posts- well, we were preaching to the choir- so to speak. any other folks who read- probably weren't reading with the idea that they were going to glean information or strategy.

as for christians' panties being in a wad over being insulted- get over it. you still outnumber us. there shouldn't be any danger of us taking over the world any time soon because there are still enough true believers to keep the status quo in office- on both sides. if your delicate psyches can't handle insults being hurled at you, try going to a part of the world where it's stones that folks throw. besides, you can pray to your god for strength to deal with the heathen masses.


dawn said...

Hey girl I literally laughed out loud reading this. You my friend are fantastic, I wish I had the same kind of strenght and tenacity. I don't understand how people cannot understand seperation between state and church. I would like to know where all there good will and kindness is. Anyhoo glad the paintings done, Have a great weekend!!!!Luv ya

betmo said...

thanks dawn :)

Sarah said...

How does that quote go? Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes?

Keep speaking and thinking, because very few do.

DivaJood said...

Betmo, on a completely different subject, I keep getting error messages when I try to access your blog - it takes me two or three tries from my work computer, and cannot get on at all from my laptop. Has anyone else had any trouble?

And I can't wait to see the house once the paint dries. Want to come do my living room? Kidding.

Woody Tobias, Jr. said...

'skuze me. you have been TAGGED and we hope you come visit but post here.

Peacechick Mary said...

If Christians are upset, it's their own fault. They can just unwad their panties and check their sources on how to behave in a Christlike manner.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's been my experience that those very confident of their personal beliefs of whatever, simply shrug and let the stones roll off their back.

Those that feel their "beliefs" were insulted, are wrong. Some other insecure part of them was insulted. Beliefs do not assume a life form capable of feeling hurt when you embrace them. They are nothing but a series of thoughts in your mind. When you hear my beliefs were insulted, you're listening to a very ignorant person that doesn't even know what beliefs really are!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Also getting difficulties of access to your blog... ah well!
You are so right about the christians, (and jews and moslems), taking offence or claiming persecution when accused of having outmoded and outdated belief systems.
It isn`t so bad in europe, but the debate isn`t over.

Maybe all the steadfastly religious folk could be sent to one place, or has that been done before? ;)