Tuesday, April 10, 2007

weekly corruption update

sigh. i suppose i could skip mentioning any of this- i mean most of us are tired of hearing about how corrupt these folks are. however, ignoring the issues won't make them go away- and hopefully, it continues to inspire us to work towards ending the nightmare that is the cheney administration. april 28- work for impeachment!

let's see- gingrich wants to run for president- i hope he continues to use this for his platform.

hmm... from the department of justice to the department of the interior to the department of education- i don't think that there is one department in bush/cheney's cabinet that isn't corrupt. if there is- please send me a link.

secret prisons aren't new- they have been around since the first term. to put a novel spin on the whole thing- we are now using secret prisons in africa to torture and interrogate folks. guess it's more exotic than southeast asia or the middle east-- or cuba.

lying is par for the course for this government. apparently, saying that something didn't happen makes it true. try telling the american citizens that were jailed for protesting that.

realllly glad that wolfowitz is in charge at the world bank. didn't realize he had a long term girlfriend but i wonder if she has anything to do with dow chemical thinking about selling out the company to MIDDLE EASTERN buyers? dubai ports anyone? i mean it is a CHEMICAL plant after all.

with bush gearing up with the immigration issue AGAIN i think that there are some things that the right should bear in mind- in the midst of their 'brown scare hysteria'- not all immigrants are illegal and not all illegal immigrants commit crimes. how do you think 3 million folks got here in the first place if they hadn't kept a low profile?

and lastly, to all of you right wing heroes out there who haven't ever served in the military but think that you know how soldiers should behave and that america should sacrifice its young men and women for your ridiculous right wing theocratic cause- i have one word for you--ENLIST! oh- and until you do- shut the hell up.


dawn said...

Hey I see we got up on the wrong side of the bed. You need to calm down a little all this stress really can't be good for you. Take it from one who knows. Things take time to work and fix, it all can't be done at once but at least your out there trying. Have a cuppa and we will wait till spring to come(because it forgot to show up in NY)Luv ya

Donnie McDaniel said...

Okay Betmo, I'm here to have a cuppa with you this morn. About that Enlist comment, I own you a hug!!!!! If they like it and believe in it so much, go and fight for it. So I hope you like Community Dark Roast coffee from Louisiana. It's almost ready, so get your cup ready.

Renegade Eye said...

The corruption goes along with the rulers knowing their program is unpopular, and not in the interest of most people.

The other thing is conservatism doesn't work. You need government programs to make it work. They are habitual program wreckers.

The GOP is bankrupt for decades. Now to debunk the Dems.

Time said...

I follow these things closely, but I do get weary.
That's one reason I've been writing less.
That's one reason I read you everyday.
I join the blog groups, sign the petitions, etc., etc...
My anger (motivator for me to write) has moved on to cynicism.
I haven't been satisfied with my governments reaction to, or action on the serious issues of the last 50 years, nor am I happy with my generations response to these same issues.
I feel for the younger generations who are left with solving the problems we have failed to solve, because of political partisanship, greed, and self concern.
One part of the "American dream" is; that our children will have a better life than we have had. I feel that goal has been stalled.

DivaJood said...

Betmo, do you think that you could run for office? You have a voice, you have strong values, you have strong positions. Can you do it?

betmo said...

gee- hadn't really thought about it. i don't know. maybe. i will have to give it some thought. maybe i could run on the unity 08 party ticket :) what would i run for? i have an overall vision of what i would like to see for mankind but no specifics of how to get there. i really had never given it any thought. hubby wants to run for president in 2012- i guess i just figured i would help him do that.

Peacechick Mary said...

In weeks to come, we will look back at all these scandals as just the tip of the iceberg - there is accountability and oversight now. That ol' Bush is going to feel the sting.