Tuesday, April 24, 2007

environmental update

i got one flower bed put in but weather has prevented me from getting started on the other- this week for sure. my strawberries on the porch are starting nicely- and i planted some tomato and bell pepper seeds- keep your fingers crossed (i have extra seeds in case). i got a good idea this week- planting in those big tubs with the lids- they usually have handles on the sides and you can poke holes in the bottom for drainage- and in the lids for the plants to grow up through ( i have nosy cats and i don't need dirt all over or a nice surprise in my tomatoes) that way you can put multiple plants in one bin instead of 8,000 pots. i have yet to test this- but i will let you know.

compost bin is coming along nicely- my sister is really into it- we swap out containers and i bring her peelings and whatnot over here. not bad. i invested in 2 insulated bags with handles for $13 and i took my plastic bags (pre double bagged) to the grocery store today and i got back- $.39! and no extra plastic nightmares! so- once the baggers learn how to bag properly that amount will probably go down because i took all but 2 or the 10 bags that they had packed and put them into the insulated bags and only had to make 3 trips (cat litter was on sale) instead of 10. good times!!

as my buddy the unhappy american over at the future was yesterday says- people gotta get on board. we are the only ones who can save the planet. and ourselves.


Peacechick Mary said...

I finally told the baggers I would pack my own, ok? They looked so crestfallen that I rescinded and encourage them now instead. So far my own bags are working out fine. We don't get a discount, tho. Could you post a picture of the barrels you are speaking about. I can't picture it.

betmo said...

yup- i was actually thinking about those rubber maid bins with the lids- that's what i currently have my compost in.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

you can poke holes in the bottom for drainage- and in the lids for the plants to grow up through
Don't know what you're growing, but unless the lids are *very* close to the dirt, and "lined up" with whatever you want to pop out, I'm afraid you'll have problems. I can relate, re the kitties. I have no garden space here, so my porch has offered to host one for me. Trouble follows me out the door of course, and cats being cats....

I have discovered a huge "BONG!!!" on a steel pot, tightens that ole pooper right up, and makes their formerly chosen spot less attractive.:)