Monday, February 12, 2007

this speaks for itself

pastor steals church

mike huckabeee defends traditional marriage

"The former Arkansas governor, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, said heterosexual marriages face enough challenges without adding new configurations to the mix."

what exactly does that mean? how does gay folks having the benefit of civil unions effect my marriage? can someone please, please answer this for me.


Sornie said...

Wow, that's some twisted logic to think that gay marriage is going to endanger hetero marriages. That's like saying that a caged lion in a zoo watching a couple of rhinos fornicate will make the lion want the rhino. It just doesn't work that way but there are just too many mouth-breathers who think that it does...

Granny said...

I live right down the road from Ripon (which is a wide spot in the road). Funny I missed this about the pastor.

Mike Huckabee is ridiculous of course but he's a candidate for President.

I prefer the last candidate from Arkansas, thanks.

Coffee Messiah said...

Yowee! ; (
What school do you have to go to, to learn this kind of crazy logic? ; (

Truth-Pain said...

How about if we stop asking, caring or reacting to what Government officials or elected wannabe's THINK about anything other than those specific issues enumerated by the damn Constitution!

It's our fault that we've let Government grow to such size and scope that now they are in charge of telling US how to run our lives instead of it being the other way around; the way "limited" Government was meant to function by those visionary founding Father's of ours. Whatever happened to the STATES deciding what is good for the majority of it's citizens? Why do we have to nationalize and federalize every freakin' issue in sight? No wonder we are stumbling towards European-styled socialism,... nobody trusts anybody -much less the individual- to do what is best for them. Somehow we can't stand that People, Cities, or States may want to have it different than the rest of the damn Country does. I know, I know;... we have to honor the full faith and measure of the commerce clause within the Constitution; but surely there has to be mechanism of action or variance for all of us to be able to both enjoy the wonders of our Country's multi-culture yet be able to practice different lifestyles as the law allows to observe, no? How about this? Utah doesn't want to recognize Marriage for same-sex partners? ok. I'm sure there are plenty of States in the other 49 dying to bring those fine Americans and their economic and social diversity to their cities. And I know what some of you may say.. "but they have a right to be there!". Sure, and I have a right to work anywhere in the country too, but let me offer this. I have a unique combinaton of gifts, culture and idyosincracies that make me better suited to succeed and be happy in some parts of the USA more so than others. We have a right to "pursue" happiness, not to actually find it.

Don't like something in that sheet of Papyrus hanging at the National Archives building? then ammend it so that all "acknowledged unions" -be it civil, social, religious or otherwise- be protected under the full faith of the commerce clause and that is that. Where's the rocket science here?

Marriage: The recognized legal and or religious union between a man and a woman. I believe that (or words to that effect) is what the law has in the books, correct? That is the law! Now, if its so offensive to some then start a grass root movement to change it, have the SCOTUS knock down the statute and send the issue back to the states, or just have homosexuals come up with a prettier name than "marriage" to make it their own, I say. And this small rant comes from a Libertarian who doesn't like to cherry pick his liberties. Nothing in the Constitution says all things will seem fair to everybody. Its a "living, breathing" Contitution, yes? isn't that what Al Gore said? Well put the sucker in an oxygen tent and give the patient an extreme makeover and be done with it. Let's change every flippin' thing we think its not fair.

Now, what were we talking about?...

English said...

sup' with the 'v'?

(I hope it ain't V for vendetta, that sordid apologa for reformism)

Carol Gee said...

It sounds to me like a White Male pining away for the day when he had the power to name everything and say what reality would be. "Oh for the good old days! Where is my little woman? Bring me a glass of tea!"

Spadoman said...

aqrpckHard line conservatives want marriage to be allowed only between a man and a woman. This way, only the spouse can get the monetary benefits in the event of death to one or the other.

Why don't they want to allow this for couples that are of the same sex? There is no reason. They may vote to disallow it, but they can't stop two people from loving each other and spending thier lives together. They can just make the stuff that deals with money hard to accomplish.

True freedom means to me that you can choose who ever you want to be your husband or wife or lifes mate.

What about polygamy? Should men have more than one wife or partner? Should women have more than one husband or partner?

That practuse is illegal. But true freedom means we have the right to choose how we want to live and how many or of which sex our partner(s) should be.

You know, I'm just saying... If the law says I can't get married, then I don't get married, but instead spend the rest of my life with whoever I want anyway. Who wants to be recognized by a government anyway? Especially a government that starts war and keeps people in poverty, cuts spending on health care for Veterans, children and people. Who wants to be associated with them?

I feel like getting divorced just to say I don't have any ties with this government.

betmo said...

i haven't finished my morning coffee- but i would like to address tp your rant about marriage, the constitution and what not. i think that it may entail a post however- so give me a bit.

Sewmouse said...

The only "reason" I can get out of my Holier-Than-Everybody LCMS family is that somehow allowing gays to marry will "destroy the sanctity" of hetero marriage.

So I asked a few friends who are parents of my school chums. "If the girl and the guy next door geet married - does that affect your marriage one way or the other?" - and they said no.

Then I asked "If they get divorced, does that affect YOUR marriage?" - and they said no again.

And I asked - "If one of them was Black and the other Chinese, and they got married (the askee's were all white) Would this affect YOUR marriage?" - and they again said no.

So then I asked - "If you found out that Jane and Bob next door were really James and Bob - and they got married - how exactly would that affect the relationship - the marriage - between you and YOUR husband?"

No answer.

Truth-Pain said...

Carol Gee:

"A white male pining for the day..."?

Let me paint a picture for you.I am 46, latino-Italian-Spaniard-French, very progressive (socially) and very conservative (fiscally). I treat my religion like my sex life, I don't talk about it, I do it. My girlfried is a Democrat (she is gonna' kill me for describing her), and a full card-carrying member of anything that says woman's movement,....

Lastly, again, I don't cherry my liberties. I believe lack of consistency is part of the reason the Constitution interpratations are all over the map. I am pro-choice..... for EVERYTHING :-)

Now if that paints a picture of a white male pining for the days when he had tea (hate it) and orderning my woman around (as my Girlfriend sits next to me roaring hysterically at THAT notion), then so be it. But before you carve me up, I welcome you to peruse my may give you a better calibration of who I am.

Thanks for the space for letting me vent. Yours is the only place I land with such open wings... Love ya...

Truth-Pain said...

carol gee:
I infered you were talking about me since your posting was a bit after mine,....if you were reffering to the subjects of the apologies :)
Unlike Betmo, i;ve not had my coffee yet.... Salud.

EAPrez said...

That twisted group of people who believes that this would threaten marriage are under the mistaken belief that they will be forced to leave their spouses and marry someone of the same sex!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)