Friday, February 02, 2007

this is a WTF moment if i have seen one

tex-ass governor forces school age GIRLS to have vaccine to prevent cervical cancer


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Yours Truly didn't even know there WAS a vaccine for cervical cancer!! It must be long lasting stuff, if he's giving to school girls.

Spadoman said...

Un fucking believeable

AlaskaBaby said...

I first heard about this vaccine when my sister from oregon told me she'd been "strongly advised" to have this administered to 12 year old daughter. Her reaction was the same ... "WTF?!?" A recommendation is bad enuf, making it a requirement is outrageous.

Here's another "police state" headline from tex-ass (I like that!) yesterday:

Texas Could Punish Truant Parents

betmo said...

that's compassionate conservatism christian style. the governor is a hard right christian- and wants the flock to follow his lead.

earlbo said...

I would hesitate to condemn this law. Complusion is a problem, but is one we face with flouride in the drinking water among others.

This is a new drug, but it promises to protect about 80-90% of women against cervical cancer if it is administered before the person becomes sexually active. There is consideration being given to the possibility that it would be close to 100% effective if young boys were given the same shot.

The Religious-Right has been opposing administrating this drug before they feel it would invite girls to have unlimited sex because they would be protected against cervical cancer. I am surprised Texas would be supporting this vacination with this law.

My wife and I are encouraging our kids to have our granddaughters vacinated.

betmo said...

sure- encouraging. it should not be mandatory. the pharma companies do not have a good track record with meds these days. i think i would like to have a choice. it should be voluntary until it has been proven.

earlbo said...

The FDA before Bush, and hopefully after Bush, should have established that this is a SAFE vaccination.

While, like you, I don't place a lot of of trust in the pharma industry, I think the record on vaccines is fairly good, and they have eliminated many diseases and reduced others. Polio comes to mind. The pharma industry doesn't like vaccines, cause people get a shot once or twice in their lives and never need anything else. They like medications where you take 2-5 pills a day for the rest of your life.

I have some experience with vaccine studies, and mandatory has one good feature. Since it's required, much effort and expense is used to make sure everyone, even people who can't afford it, can get free or low-cost shots. If it's voluntary then everyone pays full-price. I'm thinking of all the shots that kids need to have before starting to school.

EAPrez said...

I don't see the problem. We vaccinate for other illnesses. This is a good thing that he's bucking the conservative nut jobs who equate a vaccine with condoning sex.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I agree with earlbo. This is a good vaccine. Not that they do not exist, but I have never hear dof major problems with vaccines, except the anthrax one.

This one has been tested and as he mentioned can prevent cervical cancer. Perry says he is allowing families to opt out for religious reasons. I know I freaked when I read about it also, not because he was making it mandatory, but because our religious right governor was recommending it at all.

So I would not describe it as mandatory, but I do think it is a good idea, even though it came from Perry (because that just does not happen too often.)

betmo said...

considering that 1) this is not a public health threat and 2)the decision was made in merck's boardroom- i still come down squarely for voluntary rather than mandatory. if i had a daughter, i would not allow her to have it. this was not designed for children- it was designed for adults- and a mere 1,000 people tested does not make me feel safe enough to let my daughter be a guinea pig.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

You have some valid points as always, b. I got your message. Thanks for keeping me involved. If I had kids though, a real BIG if, ha ha, I would still recommend it. I might wait a while, but there are way too many std's out there and to prevent an std and cancer with one shot is a good idea.

I would double-check the mandatory though. I know its not as mandatory as the press amkes it sound, but, I do think there should be more than just a religious refusal. You should not have to lie about it if you want your kid not to have it. I just don't remember what the specifics were, but I know it let a lot of parents have a final say if they disagreed.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

here is a link to an DMN article on the vaccine controversy. Parents can opt out for religious or philosophical reasons, which does not make the whole thing sound too mandatory.

After reading the article, I especially think it's a good idea. I did not realize cervical cancer was the number 2 cancer in women. I respect your opinion and see where you're coming from though, b.

But I gotta tease ya cause I never thought I'd see the day where you'd be on the same side as Texas social neocons. hee hee. Some of these people make Dan Quayle look progressive.

have a great day my friend