Wednesday, February 07, 2007

sigh- WTF-part 2

seems like the hate media crowd and moral compasses for america are at it again. in this installment, bill o'reilly and glenn beck bemoan the fact that they can't have black friends because black folks are too hypersensitive and they are afraid that they would have to continuously watch what they said. well, bill and glenn, given the fact that you are racist, misogynistic bigots- i'd say you were right. in fact, i would say that people of color everywhere are sighing with relief NOT to be your friend.

also, in this installment, direct line from god- pat robertson- opines that folks who have had too much facial plastic surgery look 'oriental.' of course these are the same folks who thought prince's guitar- at the half time show of the super bowl- looked like a penis.

i hold out hope for a world someday where these kind of people are dead and gone and we no longer have to judge people on how they look- or if they are 'articulate and clean,' or if they deserve to be able to marry. i may not live to see it- but i still can hope for it.


Truth-Pain said...

Prince is pretty cool,... to me anyway. I think he is an example to us all by balancing being a Jehova's Witness AND able to fling his guitar like a phalic symbol on steroids. Classic.

earlbo said...

During the Super Bowl did you notice the shape of the balls they were playing the game with? And then those announcers!:

"He put it in the endzone!", "He pumps, He adjusts in the pocket before releasing!", "He lobs it to the tight end!"

They even referred to "Butkis"!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I just read an op ed piece yesterday (apparently by a black as she referred to "us" continually), that claimed blacks were offended when you referred to them as "articulate."

i hold out hope for a world someday where these kind of people are dead and gone
They replicate like flies on a warm turd, Betmo....(: Three things are truly forever: death, taxes...and ignorance.