Wednesday, February 07, 2007

a picture is worth a thousand words

thanks to the gaelic starover and cindy sheehan

take a look at some different perspectives around the blogosphere:

on the cervical cancer vaccine- additional info:


these guys have hit the nail on the head. this is something that i have thought for quite some time and in fact i talked to a fellow blogger about it this week:

tom degan
seeking utopia
smoking mirrors
the future was yesterday


Anonymous said...

The vaccine is highly suspicious. Have the DES sons and daughters been forgotten? Everyone of them tests positive for HPV; even the women who became nuns. Why? DES causes genetic changes in third and fourth generation children. Take a look at the book "The Greatest Experiment Ever Performend on Women"!!!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Jeeze...she looks happier with him, than she does with Bill! Thanks for the link.

No said...

Why..... Hilary and George make a handsome couple, don't they?

Peacechick Mary said...

Hillary and Bush out on a date. How romantic and sick, ugh. Hillary is very close to Bush's way of thinking, too close for me.

Daithí said...

I really think that Ralph Nader is on to something here:

betmo said...

daithi- i am a staunch supporter of third party candidates. i supported the dems last election for the very reasons you stated- getting the neo cons out of congress. not to fix things- but to put the brakes on. i would love nothing better than to see some viable third party candidates in this country. i don't think nader is the one to do it. real election reform has to take place- because right now- money is the great equalizer and it shouldn't be. i will not be voting for hillary in the primary- nor did i vote for her in the last primary- i backed tasini. if she does indeed win the primary, i will vote for her because at this stage in america- to not do so is to vote republican.

C-dell said...

I get weary when anyone wants to force a drug on someone. This is not like immunization that could harm other children if not taken. Cervial cancer is not contagious. I find it very strange to force a drug on someone.