Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i don't know what it is about mornings that i dislike so. i could get out of bed at 1 in the afternoon and i would still hate mornings. i haven't liked mornings since i was a teenager- i used to have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to catch the bus for school- and with only one bathroom for the whole family- well, i had to get up before the sun. maybe it's because i haven't eaten in roughly 8 hours as i sleep. as anyone in my inner circle knows- i am real ugly when i need to eat. my former boss used to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and plop it on my desk when i worked at the group home :) i hate the feeling of feeling worn out too. if i get up much before 8 am- forget it. i am exhausted all day. anything past 8:30am and i am exhausted from oversleeping.

i have come to the conclusion that i am a mid-day kind of gal. i am great between the hours of oh- 10am and 6pm. 8 productive hours is all i have. i can push the envelope sometimes- but the results can get messy :) gonna go fuel up to start the day- good morning to ya!


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Don't hate me because I'm a morning person ***wink***

I feel bad if I sleep past 6am, even on the weekends, even when I work to 2 in the morning (or am up late playing one of my sim video games). If I am sick, I might sleep in until about 8 or 9 but I am a complete b-lady when I "sleep in" no matter the reason.

Hubby on the other hand sleeps every moment I let him get away with and will sleep as late as I let him. He still needs a nap even if he sleeps to 10am and does nothing but flip pancakes for the kids...we fight about that a lot...cuz I'm a up early down late kind of girl and unless I am bored, I rarely feel the urge to nap at all.

Of course, this whole post may not make sense because although I have already worked out, took my vitamins, had breakfast, done a load of laundry and posted comments on four interesting posts today, I have not had my coffee, YET!

Gonna get my mug on and get busy with my chores for the day...stalling...stalling...stalling...

Spadoman said...

Batmo's Dream Job:

Tuesday through Thursday
Start at 10:00 AM
Quit at 2:00 PM

I hour for lunch and two 20 minute breaks, one before lunch, one after.

one sick day per week and earning 4 vacation days per month

Pay, $30.00 per hour, full benefits.

How's that batmo? Wouldn't have to get up early, no Mondays OR fridays, no weekends. Cool eh?

betmo said...

that would indeed be a dream job :) do they serve coffee?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I go to bed in the morning....