Friday, February 09, 2007

magnum opus

i have an to where the money that has been taken from iraq and elsewhere has gone. at this point, we may as well kiss it goodbye- we will not be able to trace it or recover it. i find it ironic that tax payer money has gone to fund the war- and now there is a war tax proposed on top of that. bush wants billions more dollars to put somewhere- because it is quite clear that the war profiteering will continue.

i can probably save the congress a lot of money and time if they take a look at pnac again. many of the key players in this group have been an integral part of the executive branch since day one- and my personal thought is that they are looking to build a private army. not necessarily a land based army either. i think that there are more reasons than the obvious that they are upset over china's satellite buster:

"They also propose controlling the new "international commons" of outer space and "cyberspace" and pave the way for the creation of a new military service — U.S. Space Forces — with the mission of space control. In 1998, Donald Rumsfeld chaired a bipartisan commission on the US Ballistic Missile Threat toward advancement of these goals. It is unclear how "space control" will affect US adherence to the Outer Space Treaty."


before you pooh-pooh it as far fetched here is the outer space treaty and the moon treaty. feel free to look at any of the other treaties listed as well. gives new meaning to the SDI- aka reagan's 'star wars' project.

you need trillions of dollars and much planning to do this. bush is talking about missions to mars and whatnot and expanding nasa- when the country's coffers are not that full. ask yourself why many of the agencies under homeland security are underfunded or not funded at all. ask yourself why this country's infrastructure is crumbling around us. ask yourself why the government wants to get its hands on the world's oil- in africa, in the middle east, in south america- in our national forests. why do we need that much oil? the consumers really aren't seeing it- where is the money? why do we have a shadow government? one where there is no accountability and no transparency? why do these people have no fear of retribution? they continue to carry on as always- doing whatever it is they are doing with no consequences- why?

if you look at the oil- and that is really what the wars are all about- think about how much it would take to keep a space army afloat. it is my theory that this government used 9/11 as the springboard for dictatorship and world domination- and have succeeded through the theft of trillions of dollars through outright theft and war profiteering. the patriot act set up the foundation of a police state and lead to the bogus department of homeland security- which is one huge funnel for money into the great unknown. if pnac controls space, it controls the entire world. look at the countries banding together against us- europe, russia and asia, south america- take a look.

perhaps i will be branded a conspiracy theorist- many will laugh and pooh pooh- do your own research and see for yourself. follow the trail. i hope that i am wrong- and that this country will right itself. that we can once again be a productive part of the world community instead of a bullying leech that sucks up resources and forces the world to like it. ask yourself- can we be in the right when the entire rest of the world finds us wrong? what have we become? my journey has ended here. i will be around and feel free to use the resources and links on the sidebar. i no longer think that simple impeachment will suffice. i don't think these folks will ever be brought to justice or held accountable. i think that they have already won. why? because most folks are not ready to see and are not willing to act. perhaps up and coming generations will win back what we have lost- and for that i am hopeful. i have no desire to end up in an american secret prison. peace in our time.

ask yourself why.


Glenda said...

An intriguing idea, betmo.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Your vision is huge in scope, and terrifying should it be reality. If implemented (and I think some version of it will be), it will be incrementally. Look at how "quickly" we've became accustomed to the Patriot Act. It's never in the news any more. Until more people educate themselves (and God only knows how the hell to get that done!), we will remain a nation of sheeple.

Donnie McDaniel said...


I have something you might like to have fun with. how would you like to rip a wingnut to pieces? I know you wanna!!! So here's the deal. I have a winger that has gotten Todd to take him to task. That has not slowed him down yet. Then someone new I met has come into the scene and taken him on.

Now I have Cliff Schecter that may come in and have some fun with him. Cliff as you might know has been on TV. This is going to be funny if Cliff gets into the fun.

So if you feel like having some fun at the expense of a winger, check out the post on "Putting the Bush approval ratings into perspective" and take the hair with the hide!

You will not believe how crazy this asshat is!!!!!! Pass it on, let others have some of the fun too.

betmo said...

um donnie- the folks in your comment section have done such an overwhelmingly excellent job- i really don't think i could add anything more. i think that the same tired rhetoric speaks for itself- but thanks for thinking of me :) and thanks for the troll- i hadn't thought that there were any left- but i stand corrected. highly entertaining the way they try to twist facts when just a minimal effort on their part would uncover the truth- oh right....