Friday, February 02, 2007

for those who wonder

what is really like for the palestinian people under israeli occupation- take a look at from gaza, with love- or read jimmy carter's book- palestine: peace not apartheid. but-- only if you want a real look at the situation- not american media coverage.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo, Nature is Cruel
But Man is crueller still.

Many whites condoned Apartheid in South Africa - the same kind of people who condone the Israeli treatment of Palestinians ...
oh! and Mandela was a terrorist who spent many years in prison -
until sanctions got rid of apartheid and a 'native' or black person became leader of South Africa.
Too many prejudices to allow Israelis to accept life under a Palestinian government - too many prejudices to allow palestinians anything other than existance as slaves or third class citizens in Is*Ra*El (a State or territory which hopes to span or encompass Palestine, old Iraq & kuwait ...)

betmo said...

i just want americans to be able to criticize and question without being branded anti-semitic. there is no reason that people can't look at a situation and analyze it- without being branded in a negative light. at one time you were unamerican if you spoke out against the iraq war. hopefully, a similar wave will happen in this situation.