Monday, January 29, 2007

'when you wish upon a star'

what i wish is for everyone to wake up and realize who is really 'president' of this country. why we still continue the farce that bush runs things is beyond me. the press has even taken to interviewing or asking cheney the hard questions in lieu of bush. why? well, if you want to know something- go to the source. that's right- in his third interview in a month, president cheney has given an interview to newsweek- from the west wing. no, i am not making it up- that's the headline of the interview transcript. so- if you are still clinging to the outmoded idea that cheney isn't in charge, i beg of you to let the scales drop from your eyes- and see the truth.

'Vice President Dick Cheney said the administration would proceed with additional troops even if a nonbinding resolution won Senate approval.'

'cheney defends 2nd craft in the gulf'- yes, that's right. for all of you who joined the navy thinking it was the 'safe' option- think again.

newsweek: from the west wing- dick cheney


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Iran has roughly 1,500 miles of coastline. That's why the Navy is there. Cheney....he's long been the designated rabid dog. He does it well. Look at Cheney, Bush, rabidly and fervently they push this war. Now look at their Jesus Freak exact clones over there in the sand. We're going to "win?" Bring Democracy? Those two things are exactly what Cheney and Bush do NOT want to achieve - it would end their war.

Jesus Freaks love to fight. It's that simple. Find a Jesus Freak, find a war.

The Jesus Freaks over there have been at it since the beginning of recorded time, now our Jesus Freaks have an excuse to join in. That's why Bush said "I don't pay much attention to him (Bin Laden) anymore." If he captured him, what excuse would he then have for his war?

moonlitetwine said...

Oh. Dear future!

Do not put Jesus Freak into your verbalage. I know some Jesus Freaks. They do not support the Iraq War. They do not agree with a lot of organized religion. Go to and find a few believers there.

May be Jesus Freaks are looking toward the end times. But, they feel and believe much differently than what you are implying here.

Correct yourself or correct some of what you know, because it just isn't true or factual.