Friday, January 26, 2007

uh huh

george 'i'm the decider' bush is at it again. leave it to the neo cons to completely ignore common sense and anything remotely approaching a real plan. these people can't understand why the rest of humanity can't stand them. this is one of the reasons.


C-dell said...

Whoever gave him the title "The Decider" should really take it back cause that was a stupid decision.

Coffee Messiah said...

"decision maker" equally as bad.

For someone his age, for a leader of any country, to act as he does, should be out of office swiftly.

That Nixon realized the jig was up for him, puts GW in an area all his own.

That the administration continues to snub the people they work for and go willy nilly to start Shit for their money making ways.

If both houses don't deal with him straight away, it'll be too late for way too many people, who are already suffering due to their dirty deeds! ; (

AscenderRisesAbove said...

the guy is just sheer evil... but then that suggests that he is thinking for himself; which he seems incapable of doing; so what is he...