Wednesday, January 31, 2007

here's the thing...

i have been hearing- ooh- is america ready for a black president? is america ready for a woman president? and it really baffles me. why wouldn't we be? there have already been women ceos and people of color in congress. what is the big deal? a better question is- when will we be ready? what does it take to get ready or be ready? aren't people supposed to be elected based on qualifications? (oh right- forgot about our latest 'commander in chief') why do we need a white male in the white house? should we repaint it if barack obama wins? it could be white with black trim or something since the right wing calls him a 'halfrican american.' they think that they are clever. not clever- just ignorant. why shouldn't hillary clinton win? she is a bit too conservative for my tastes but i wouldn't vote for her- or not vote for her- simply because she is a woman. show me what a candidate says he- or she- stands for- and i will vote based on that info. not the color of the skin or the gender. some chicks have bigger balls than most men. :)


Undeniable Liberal said...

I too, would like to see a woman President, but i agree with you that Hillary is too conservative and besides, she's going to be bankrolled by traditional big money.
Pelosi '07!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Hey b!

Sorry I have been away again. The spring semester has been going for 2 weeks, and I have had some computer "issues."

I agree with you completely although I do not think Hillary is too conservative. Maybe that's just me after 6 years of republican hell.

You pose some good questions, unfortunately those who need to grasp your point are the very ones who won't.

The slim majority of Floridians or Ohioans who sent Bush back to the White House in '04 are the very ones who would not vote for someone because of the reasons you listed.

If the Dems are smart, they will find a strong V.P. candidate from one of these two states.

p.s. Love the new look!

Peacechick Mary said...

The question is, Is America ready for another bloated white guy in a dark suit? I'd vote for a dog before I would vote for another like we have already.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

seems the question should be "is america ready for an *honest* president"

Spadoman said...

There is no doubt where I stand. The most qualified as a leader that will be fair. No gender, color, religion or sexual orientation should have anything to do with it.

But let it be an Elected President in the White House, not a Selected Resident.

Batmo has bigger balls than me btw.

Time said...

Your so open minded that you overlook, that MANY are not ready to vote for a woman or a black for President, sadly.

I can not vote for Clinton. I could vote for Obama, but I have to learn more about him. This "surge" about him and the hype surrounding him, does not sway me his way. It could actually hurt him.

It's time for a younger person to lead this country. Hopefully someone who's not entrenched into a long time political party ideology. Someone who's truly aware and ready to lead to contemporary people of our country.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You just asked the 64 billion dollar question! Until America is willing to take a look at "why aren't we ready?", and leave that G.D. political correctness out of it, we don't have a prayer in hell of answering "Are we ready?"

As a friend once said: "America votes with political correctness right up until the moment that ballot drops in the box - then they vote their true feelings."

Sarah said...

Well, you would be surprised at the number of people I know who would NOT vote for a female president.

The typical excuses I hear:

1) Our country will be attacked because a woman is seen as weak on military issues.

2) Women are too emotional.

No, I'm not kidding.

Now, the excuses I hear about Obama?

1) Names sounds like "Osama."

2) Too "Muslim." (?)

No, I'm not kidding.

Chuck said...

No Hillary. No Obama. For me. And NOT for the ignorant reasons.

Hillary is a two-faced "Republican Liter". Obama is a mostly inexperienced and very junior Senator "riding a wave of popularity".

My opinion, is all- no offense to anyone on the correct side of the political divide.

Brian said...

The only problem with a female or minority president is that this person's speeches, actions, stances and every waking moment would be scrutinized, analyzed, criticized and second guessed not just by their opponents but those in their own party. While the public elects the president, the president has to work with 535 elected officials who may not want to work with the president regardless of the president's political affilliation.

Sarah said...

Chuck, I don't care for either candidate. However, I never hear people give the reasons you have given here against the two, which is pretty scary. I just wish people would have a plausible argument about why they don't like this or that candidate.