Tuesday, January 30, 2007

for the weary

for those folks who think that they are all alone in the fight- we are all in it together. i got yer back!!! :)


Spadoman said...

Thank you Betmo, you're the best.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Oh Boy! Hit my memory buttons!:) It hit #1 in Febrary '70, I was rotating (coming home) from Nam in March. As I climbed aboard that beautiful MAC flight, somebody had it playing. I confess to having something in my eyes.:)

Simon and Garfunkal did it originally, on an album entitled "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." The album won a Grammy for album of the year, the title track, song of the year. One of my all time favorites. Is that The King singing in the vid, or an imposter?

And yes, thank you!!!!

betmo said...

i only do originals :) i listened to the vid that they had of art garfunkel singing it. while i realize that it was his song, i wanted someone to sing it who sounded like a man :)