Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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i believe that this clarifies what i tried to say but says it far more eloquently:

jerome slater- tikkun


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The "Western World" has meddled in these affairs so long, with such awful results, that it's almost became "legislating morality."

They have been fighting over this bullshit since time was recorded. What the hell makes us think we're going to stop that, baffles me completely!!!

DivaJood said...

When Yitzhak Rabin was Prime Minister of Israel, he signed the Oslo Accords, won the Nobel Prize along with Shimon Peres and Yassar Arafat, and was promptly assassinated by a right wing Israeli who opposed peace.

As Israel's government takes ever sharper right turns, they move farther from the principles of Zionism and peace. Those leftists who oppose Zionism don't understand that it is a very left-wing, high principled philosophy.

When I lived in Israel, I lived on a kibbutz. Kibbutz living was originally a truly successful model of a communist society living in cooperation.

Rabin and Arafat, once bitter enemies, had tremendous respect for each other because they both knew they had shared experience and had their people's best interests at heart. And that meant peaceful coexistence.

The only solution, which will not happen as long as the US has neo-cons in office, and Israel has neo-con puppets in office, is for Israel to uphold the Oslo Accords, and wait. It is up to Palestinians to disarm. Once the Palestinians stop terrorist attacks, Israel must allow Palestinians to live and work as full citizens.

The dream of a Jewish state is necessesary, but it MUST include an avenue for co-existence.

betmo said...

diva- i completely agree. it is up to BOTH sides to finally work together- otherwise it won't work.