Thursday, January 18, 2007

civil liberties take more hits

apparently, we have to fight all over again for our civil liberties- the folks on the right just seem intent on most folks not having any. here are some examples in the media:

michael savage-

"But basically, if you're talking about a day like today, Martin Luther King Junior Day, and you're gonna understand what civil rights has become, the con it's become in this country. It's a whole industry; it's a racket. It's a racket that is used to exploit primarily heterosexual, Christian, white males' birthright and steal from them what is their birthright and give it to people who didn't qualify for it.

Take a guess out of whose hide all of these rights are coming. They're not coming out of women's hides. Are they? No, there's only one group that's targeted, and that group are white, heterosexual males. They are the new witches being hunted by the illiberal left using the guise of civil rights and fairness to women and whatnot."

i guess one way to get your own show is to make derogatory remarks against minorities on air while guesting on other folk's shows. that's what michael smerconish has apparently done. cnn is reportedly considering giving this man his own show.

i would be remiss if i didn't mention hate radio's self proclaimed 'king'- rush limbaugh. he is full of misogynistic, racist, and derogatory statements so it is difficult to pinpoint any one in particular. i guess i would go with his latest- which earned him olbermann's 'worst person' award- where he claimed that barbara boxer was attempting to "lynch" condi rice during the recent senate hearings.

add to that ksfo's own melanie morgan, et al and it is little wonder that most folks tune out. it is time to send a message that we are sick of the hate radio programs and the hate tv shows that fill cable's airwaves. take the time to write to the affiliates and let them know that you are tired of the poison and want a change. it only takes one person.


Anonymous said...

Subject: Contact Michael Savage, one of the leaders of Hate Radio – January 2007

You may be one of the many people who have called the Savage Nation radio talk show to share a important point and been abruptly cut off in mid-topic. You can continue your thoughts in writing. Contact Michael “Savage” using his real name and address at:

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
111 St. Thomas Way
Tiburon, CA 94920

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o The Paul Revere Society
150 Shoreline Hwy, Bldge E
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o KNEW
340 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Ian K. Boyd of Harvey Siskind Jacobs LLP
4 Embarcadero Center, 39th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Rockstar, Inc.
101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 777
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Rockstar, Inc.
P. O. Box 27740
Las Vegas, NV 89126


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The rise to power of the Evangelical Wrong, unleashed every freak in the country. To our surprise, we found more freaks who agree with them.

Meaning: We have one hell of a lot of dumb people in this country!!

No said...

Amen to that, brother!!

Coffee Messiah said...

Yikes......dumb may not be the reality of our situation.
It may be that some people are simply too lazy to seek out the facts and would rather live the life of being a "sheeple" and let someone do their thinking for them? ; (

Undeniable Liberal said...

messiah makes a very important point. The sheeple like to be told how to think, and these hate groups are very good at pressing the right buttons on these people.

Spadoman said...

Great report on PBS news last evening. Senator Dodd had the war crap right on, the rethug counterpart from Indiana mumbled and lied backing bush. I wrote my congressman again yesterday and called my senators. keep fighting.

my word ver is: puozi

Like Pelozzi, cool!

Spadoman said...

good info anan, who are you? why are you anon? curious. like to know who's telling me stuff.

deuddersun said...

We've all had them at one time or another, the little turds that wouldn't flush. The water swirls round and round but the dam thing just won't go down.

These are the little turds in our lives, they won't flush, their message won't flush, no matter how many times we hit the handle. So finally you grab the cleaning bucket from the basement, fill it and dump it into the toilet...down it goes!

The next time you see one of these right wankers spewing their message of hate and fear, grab your mental bucket and flush the turds away!