Wednesday, January 17, 2007

breaking news

apparently, the executive branch has 'decided' to let fisa and the fisc take back its authority. fancy that. i can't imagine that the executive branch isn't going to continue to flout the law and do what they want to anyway. i have no faith that these folks will follow the rule of the law.


C-dell said...

Bush has broken big laws with the people's help. Bush now feels above the law. No reversing that.

Carol Gee said...

Our trust is so broken that, even with apparently good news, we cannot enjoy it. I am so angry for everyone who's had this happen to them.

betmo said...

pretty much everyone. they started mining data right after 9/11. they have mined data from our financial records, phone records, email/blog records, internet surfing records, library records, etc. you get the picture. i doubt that they will actually stop even if they say they will.

deuddersun said...

It can stop and we can stop it. Write your reps everyday, like Spadoman, and let them know you expect them to fix what's broken.

What the idiots on the Right fail to realize is that if we get Liberal Admin in '08 who's to say that Admin won't go after them?

It's never a one way street for very long, ya know.