Wednesday, December 13, 2006

fyi- blogger is at it again

as i am sure many folks are aware- there are some issues with blogger and beta blogger. i have been trying to leave comments at various blog sites with beta blogger and have been unsuccessful. i see folks all over are experiencing the blogger stutter. just wanted you to know- i am trying to leave great ranting comments or kudos- and have been denied! :)


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! I've tried to post comments at your blog tonight. They wouldn't go through. Then I come back later, and the comments are published three times! Please feel free to delete my duplicate comments in the previous posts!

msliberty said...

I've had this trouble, too. What is the deal??

Anonymous said...

They've ah....."Improved It". Supposedly, Beta Blogger is out of, or soon to be out of, Beta.

First thing I can recall Goofle ever bringing out of Beta!!

spadoman said...

I created a google account and can post on beta blogs when I use the google account name. The name isn't exactly the same as my blogger moniker, but close enough for folks to know who I am. No avatar either unless I go whole hig and creat a google profile with picture and gmail account.

I guess I'll do it. It's all free so far. If my blogger friends go elsewhere, I will too. It's all about communication and entertainmenmt with my friends.