Saturday, October 21, 2006

some good news to get behind

bipartisan campaign finance reform- imagine that


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

It is certainly a bargain. I sure would like to get big business and other big spenders out. Hope you are having a great weekend b.

Mary said...

That would be great.

Obob said...

I like it, the sooner the lobbyists are out of Washington the better of we are. I think all ex-pols should be barred from being lobbyists after retirement or not relected

carbunclefrank said...

sounds like a better idea than letting the special interests and pacs tell them what to do.....but why are we paying someone to do what we elected them to do and are already paying them to do it. Live oral debate or even written debate by candidates in newspapers is always free and you get the real person's comment, not some ad of lies and misdirected truths cooked up by some pac group on TV. We have gotten lazy and wait for the news to come to us. A society of convenience not willing to search for the truth will never find it. Okay...I'll stop ranting now....thanx for the soapbox enjoy the day

sandy said...

Sounds like a great idea, it would be nice if we could also figure out a way to control lobbying after they're elected too

Donnie McDaniel said...

Support America, beat the shi*t out of a lobbyist!!

Anonymous said...

I like it!

betmo said...

my thought is that we find out who the biggest lobbyists are- and boycott and protest their products. that would take some sacrifice on our parts- but wouldn't it be worth it in the end? the lawmakers seek out the lobbyists because it has become the norm to get perks. they are not victims of corporate greed- they choose the lifestyle. barack obama refuses to fly corporate jets as one part of denying lobbyists the effect of changing his mindset. i think what happens is- and obama put it best- the congresspeople take washington to their constituents instead of taking their constiuents to washington. these folks have forgotten that they are part of congress- and not just part of a big corporation. it is going to be up to the american people whether or not we allow this to continue. collectively, i am sure that we are smarter than they.

Human said...

Sadly, I think public funded elections are the only way to reclaim our Democracy.

I just saw a show on it on PBS. THey mentioned the 6 dollar campaign. THe person of the Org interviewed said it would be 6 for every person in America. So in reality it'll be around 4 or 5 times that at least. Since it can't be made mandatory and will be participatory the eventual cost could be around a hundred per participant.

The cons on this are profound.

Donations to a campaign are protected Free Speech. So if I can't donate to the person of my choice, is that not dissallowing my Freedom of Speech?

Will people run just so their staff can have a paycheck?

How much $ is fair? Ads in Metro NY are a bit more expensive than Fargo.

What's the threshold for getting the funds? Say Larry Dogood wants to run for Mayor. He's been a perfect boy since 1st Grade. Perfect Grades, Volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club, supports his wife and 2.3 kids and calls his Mother every Sunday.

Then there is Harry McGreedy. He wants to run too. Except in contrast to Mr. Dogood he has money. Mostly from his Father, and the many family businesses, which includes the 2 malls in town, the 2 car dealerships and the theatre. Of course the McGreedys have always shown Charity. From the new wing(the McGreedy Wing)at Charity Hospital to the New EMT truck with all the new gizmos, thier influence is touched by just about everybody in town and has been since GreatGranpa McGreedy came to be the Town's first Doctor.

So where is the starting point? Signatures on a petition?
Where ever it is, McGreed has a big advantage. Especially if given a choice to accept the public money and any ceilings required.

I think it can be worked out.
There are good people who really do have talents that we need to take advantage of. We just need to step carefully. Because for all I know Mr. Dogood might be the best friend anybody can have, but not be qualified to be Mayor....

2 years later the Town is in such sorry shape that it defaults on it's Bonds.

Or Mr. McGreedy wins and 2 years later the Town is given it's first Triple AAA rating.