Tuesday, October 24, 2006


the first thing that i see when i am having my morning coffee- is a bright crimson colored bush in my neighbor's yard. it looks like a ball of fire and is really quite lovely against the sullen gray of morning. i am not quite sure why i haven't noticed it as much before now- i guess i have a reason to try and focus on beauty these days- what with all of the ugliness around. i am worn out. i tend to soak up other folks' issues like a sponge and i have soaked up too much of the negativity from the right. yes, i said the right. yes, i am lumping all of those folks together and yes, i fully realize that not all folks on the right agree with the direction that the country is going in. it is my fervent hope that these folks will want to take back their party and will start to fight the corrosive and damaging folks who hold the reins now- for the good of all americans. i am tired. i can't keep fighting both parties and i would prefer to get my own in order. you see- there are poor and needy folks to help, kids to educate, the world to save- and it won't be the republicans or the folks on the right looking to it. they are too busy counting their money and hating the rest of humanity. feel free to comment folks on the right. it won't change my mind one whit. you folks either agree with the folks leading the country or you will take back your party. either way- i am off to do some good things.


QUASAR9 said...

the first thing that i see when i am having my morning coffee- is a bright crimson colored bush in my neighbor's yard.

It is one of the richest colours in Nature.
As to poverty it is almost an insult in today's society that poverty & hardship exist in our inner cities, towns & countryside.

It is a greater insult that we 'support' it abroad.

Funny but part of the reason for invading Iraq was meant to be to remove a cruel dictator, and we replaced it with a crueller form of repression
Kill insurgents (even if kurds?)
Kill opposition (even if Shia?)

But isn't that what the previous evil dictator did. Ohh I get it he just wasn't ruthless or efficient enough at killing Iraqies
The US can do it much better.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Hey b,

You sound down. I hope you ended up having a good day.

Yes, I too, hope that moderation returns to the GOP although I am not hopeful.

I think I commented in a previous post of yours that I am disturbed that McCain already seems to be moving to the right. I hope Giuliani sticks to his moderate guns.

My ex-roomie was and still is high up in the Log Cabin Repubs-a GOP gay rights group. Although I rarely agree with him politically, and he often has blinders on when it comes to the GOP, I have told him several times I am glad their group exists. I woudl much rather see a moderate GOP than the Rel Right monstrosity that it has become--and I certainly don't want to be the one active in day-to-day GOP politics.

Take care b.

betmo said...

i am quick to support any moderate repubs as long as they don't condone the current course of action. i don't think that it is too much to ask that these people support human rights and dignity. it was only a little over 200 years ago we were asking- no demanding- that for ourselves.

Sarah said...

Do good, and you will feel good!

jovial_cynic said...

Art and creativity always put me in a better mood. It gets my mind off of all the nonsense of bash-all-opposition politics.

Metal people.


carbunclefrank said...

A quick trip through blog world will affirm your opinions and thoughts. Even if my morning coffee is great and the sun always rises and the weather is fine, I still know I have to fight for change and freedom isnt really free. For the very first time in my life I volunteered to help get out the vote. nuff said.

Glenda said...

lovely and honest!
I hear you on the"tired."