Monday, August 14, 2006

i'm back

yes- i know- i didn't go away completely but i did take a break from really big thoughts to post :) i actually got some poetry going and i watched some really crappy movies. fyi- mr. betmo and i somehow only pick really bad movies at the video store. it is kind of like our 'badge of honor' to have sat through a crap movie. we even compare these movies to other crap movies we've seen: " oh yeah- well this one wasn't as bad as the one with the garbage pail gang in it." so- all in all a good weekend for some soul rejuvenation. into the fray we go...

so- the news circulating now is the whole flying bruhaha. sorry- i don't buy it. makes absolutely no sense to make folks dump all of their liquids altogether into a big garbage bin. apparently, these things are not so dangerous as all that or there would be a different way of disposing of things. if they are too dangerous, potentially, to be on a plane together- aren't there a heck of a lot more folks in the airport itself than on a plane? methinks it's a ratings ploy and methinks it's a fear tactic. the uk has already started allowing things back on planes and they have also let one guy go. karl, karl- we are on to you. i think the only folks hurting will be the airlines again. people are not going to want to fly unless they have to- who the hell likes the airport enough to be there 5 or 6 hours not counting actual flight time? not me. it's bad enough taking a 2 hour flight to florida occasionally. you show up 2 hours early at least and now have to wait longer while you dump out all of your shit and take your shoes off- to what end? somehow, i don't think folks who are smart enough to stop using cell phones and stop using the banking system upon realizing that they were being watched are going to be stupid enough to try and use a plane again as a bomb. just a thought. subways, water systems, energy grids- you know stuff like that- might be the next target. just a suggestion homeland security guys and gals....


RC said...

oh man, i understand the "picking the bad movies at the video store problem"

it's so've already seen what was interesting and you grab something that's just...uhhh.

--RC of

G_in_AL said...

I'm glad they're banning lip gloss.... that stuff is deadly.

Sarah said...

I love watching bad movies on late Friday nights. Usually, AMC has these really campy horror films I get sucked into watching because they are so bad, they have to be good!

spadoman said...

welcome back Betmo!

thepoetryman said...

The guessing game
That gives presidents
Short-lived bumps
And passengers
ET Arrival lumps.

Other than that
Traveling by car
Is less safe,
And you don't
Have your shoes
checked at the gate

Obob said...

now, what do define as a bad movie. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is an all time classic.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

welcome back. I, too, like all types of movies, the good, the bad, and the ugly. pun intended.